The Auto Roll feature within CentreCharge would enable the system to continue billing for Licences that needed a renewal, but for which this renewal has not been performed. This would not make any changes with regards to the Licence end date; it would simply continue billing. This feature would have been turned off if "Do not auto roll schedules" was enabled in the CentreCharge Settings 

Since Operate provides an autorenew feature for Licences and because the auto roll feature would have affected Occupancy Reporting if implemented, we have discontinued the CentreCharge legacy auto roll feature and maintained the Autorenew. 

How Autorenew Works in Operate

While Licence can also be renewed manually, Operate allows you to set up an automatic renewal, which can process this task for you on the renewal date of each Licence. 

The auto renewal process runs automatically and system wide, on a daily basis, processing all Licences that are set to renew on that date. It works by looking at the end date of the Licence and at the notice period. 

If the next review date – notice period = a date which is within the same month as the renewal date of the Licence, then the Licence will be renewed using the set renewal criteria . If the date is not in the same month then it will not be renewed, it will wait until the renewal date fulfills this condition. 

For example, 

  • if the next review date is 30/09/2018, the notice period is 1 month, then the autorenewal will occur on the 30/08/2018

A renewed Licence  does not need to be terminated. On the renewal date, Operate will process it automatically. The Rent, Virtual services and Contract services will be extended. The Licence End Date will be extended as well. Operate will process the automatic renewal on the same Licence record, without generating a new one. The new end date now becomes the next review date. 

Your Licence item schedule will also update according to the new dates and anything you have already invoiced will need to be marked as such. Please read more about this in Adding Offices and Services to a Licence.

Learn more about Licence Renewals in Operate.

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