These instructions are specifically aimed at Mac users, if you have a Windows based system then please have a look here.

Before you go through this guide make sure you have the latest RDP client from Microsoft. The Icon will look like this if you have the latest version:

If you don't have the latest version or are not sure, you can get it as a free download from the Apple App store. Search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop" and follow the normal steps to install an application.

  1.   You should have your user credentials and the URL for your region similar to the below details:

URL:        -for Australian and Asian operators        -for European operators        -for US operators                            

Username: centrecharge\user1
Password: ****  

2. Enter the correct URL as above, for the region you are in, and enter the credentials provided to sign in as seen in the screenshot below:

3. Click on the Remote desktop icon on the next screen, the RDP file should download at this point. If your system is locked down or you receive security warnings when you try to download then you may need to raise with your internal IT team for admin credentials. 

4. You only need to run through the first 3 steps the first time to get the connection file, from here on you import the connection into the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and launch from there.

5. Import the connection file you just downloaded into the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop Client on Mac. Click ‘File’ then ‘Import’, select the connection file you just downloaded. Click ‘Open’ and ‘Edit’. Fill out the Connection name, User name, and Password. Finally, close the tab.

6. You should now be able to launch the connection from the Microsoft Remote Desktop app and go to the next step 

7. The Mac system will open a connection window at this point and prompt you for your credentials like below, you only need to add the part that comes after "centrecharge\" for this login. 

6.  You may be prompted with the warning below on some systems, this is asking what folders on your device you would like to be mapped and available in the remote session. Drop down where it says "Select a folder to access remotely" and select the folders you want to share. On the old system this will have been the top level E.G. normally "Macintosh HD"

7. The remote desktop session should now negotiate and load the CentreCharge desktop then load into CentreCharge automatically if you have a NT Account added in the user settings or you can login to CentreCharge with your current password. See here if you want to add a NT account do CentreCharge logs in automatically. 

8. You may now need to check and change your regional settings as explained here. For general troubleshooting see here

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