The initial process to set up a connection to the remote desktop servers hosting CentreCharge on our new AWS infrastructure is detailed here. These are specifically aimed at windows users, if you have a Mac based system then please have a look here. This has been tested working in Google chrome and Firefox, Internet explorer users will not have the chance to save the connection in step 3 and is therefore not recommended you use Internet explorer. 

If you copy and paste  the password, please use Crtrl + V to paste and "right-click" and selecting paste will not work on windows based systems.

  1. You should have your user credentials and the URL for your region similar to the below details:

URL:        -for Australian and Asian operators        -for European operators        -for US operators                            

Username: centrecharge\user1
Password: ****  

   2. Enter the correct URL as above for the region you are in and enter the credentials provided to sign in, as seen in the screenshot below:

3. Click on the Remote desktop icon on the next screen, you should see a prompt similar to the one below, please select "Save File" and click "OK". Move the file you just downloaded to the desktop or another location convenient for when you want to launch your remote connection. If your system is locked down or you receive security warnings you may need to raise with your internal IT team.   

4. You only need to run through the first 3 steps the first time you connect, after that you will just need to launch the remote session from the file you just downloaded by double-clicking it.

5. Windows may prompt you at this point with a warning "The publisher of this remote connection can't be identified....." Select "Don't ask me again .." as shown in the below screenshot and click connect. 

6. You will be asked to enter the credentials from above and depending on the way your system is set up you should be able to save these credentials so you never need to enter them again by clicking the "Remember me" checkbox, as shown below.

7. The remote desktop session should now negotiate and load the CentreCharge desktop and load into CentreCharge automatically if you have a NT Account added in the user settings or you can login to CentreCharge with your current password.

8. You may now need to check and change your regional settings as explained here  The article explaining how to adjust your account settings to add an NT Account is here. For general troubleshooting see here

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