This guide is only for users who have a limited, export only version of CentreCharge installed onto their local PC, for the purpose of exporting information into accounting software such as Sage.  If you do not use this, and only connect to CentreCharge via remote desktop, please disregard this guide. If you are unsure, please contact:

You will need local administrator rights in order to copy all of the files, if you do not have this then you will need to contact your internal IT team to do this on your behalf, or grant you administrator rights.

If possible, we advise that this quick job is carried out by your internal IT team, it will take them 5-10 minutes.


By following the below link, a zip file will be downloaded. This zip file contains 2 folders, location 1 and location 2.

File Download 

Use the files within these folders to replace the files as mentioned further below (Copy & Replace steps)

Copy & Replace - Location 1

Only copy 'CentreCharge.exe' within this folder, do not copy any other files.

You will find the target folder in one of these two places, depending on what type of operating system you are running (32bit or 64bit). If you are unsure, just check for the existence of both these locations.

   64bit - C:\Program Files\CentreCharge
   32bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\CentreCharge  

Copy & Replace - Location 2

The target location you are copying to again will vary depending on your system (32bit or 64bit), you should know which one you are running if you completed 'Location 1' successfully.

  64bit - C:\Windows\SysWOW64
  32bit - C:\Windows\System32

Copy all the remaining files in the 'Location 2' folder that you have downloaded and paste/replace them into the relevant folder. You will get a warning about overwriting/replacing the files, click 'yes to all'.


Go back to the Program Files folder which you copied the 'CentreCharge.exe' file to, right click on the file, and click 'Run as administrator'.

This step MUST be done, otherwise you'll get an error when you try to launch CentreCharge.

Once CentreCharge is open, and you're logged in, I suggest doing a test export of some kind to check functionality.

If you run into any issues with this step, please email us at, ideally with as much detail as possible, including screenshots of any errors you are seeing.

Once this upgrade is completed and tested, your local install of CentreCharge will be able to pull data from our new server platform. 

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