Email templates help you communicate faster with your clients, using messages that you can use multiple times; so that you don’t have to write a new message to each customer.

  • To create email templates with Operate, go to Settings > Templates > Email Templates.
  • Choose a folder - The folders relate to different Operate modules and allows you to organize email templates according to your specific needs, within different areas of your business, such as: lead management, sales, tours or internal messaging.You can also create a new folder, under Folder Maintenance. Let’s create an email template for Quotes. 
  • Click New.  
  • Configure your email template:
  • Give it a Name.
  • Add a Description - This could include details about the content or examples of how/when to use the template.
  • Change the Folder as needed.
  • Select a Field category.
  • Choose a Field Name.
  • Note the Merge Field; then copy/paste it in the email body if you want to use it.

Example: The role of the three field related selections is to allow you to use the same template in multiple situations. For instance, you can use one template to reply to multiple customers, without needing to type in information that already exists in the system; such as their account name. All you need to do is copy/paste the Merge Field in the email body. When you send the email, the merge field will automatically replace itself with the information associated with it.

  • Enter a Subject for your message.
  • Click the Attachments field if you want to attach a file to the template. The file will be automatically picked up when you use the template.
  • Edit your Email Body - here is where you can write your desired message. As mentioned above, copy the Merge Field if you want to. Your email signature will automatically be added to your template when sending it. Read more about how to set up your email signature.
  • Check the Available for Use checkbox to make the template immediately available.

Click Save to complete your template setup. If your template is made available, you will be able to use it right away, next time when you send an email.

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