You can send SMS messages to your users and customers from Operate.

As well as being able to send adhoc SMS messages, you can also set up SMS templates to merge information from records into the messages.

  • Go to Settings > Templates > SMS Templates
  • Click on New to create a template7
  • Enter a template name and description. These are for internal use only.
  • Pick the module that the template will be available to use from (i.e. if you base a template on Accounts module, when you are in an Account, this template will be available to use when you send an SMS).
  • Choose a Folder for your template
  • Select the Available to Use checkbox if you want this template to be available immediately for users to select when sending an SMS.
  • Enterh text for the SMS message in the SMS body
  • Enter Merge Fields by copying and pasting the bracketed merge field. You can select merge fields from the module that you have based the template on, and you can also choose to merge fields from records that relate to that module.
  • For instance if you choose Leads as the module, you can then select Lead-Location and select Location merge fields that relate to the Lead. The merge fields will be replaced with information from your account, contact, lead, opportunity or task when you send the email.
  • Click on Save to start using your SMS template.
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