Get your profile set up so that all correspondence from Operate has all your correct details.

Your Operate Profile is where you can add your essential user information, You and other members of your organization may use this information in documents or for communication purposes.

You can access your profile by clicking your picture at the top right corner of your screen. If you haven't added a profile picture yet, you will see a picture placeholder. Hover over it, then click My Profile, in the menu that comes up.

You will be taken directly to your profile information page, where you can add your personal and contact information, as well as upload a profile picture. To upload your picture, click Upload Image, then click Browse image to find it on your computer. You can then rotate (using the Rotate button) or crop your image by dragging the handles around your image Click Crop and Save when you are ready.

Click the Edit Email Signature button to customize the signature that will show up in your email messages.

Once you fill out your details, be sure to Save your changes to make sure they are applied.

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