Once revised MSA for Operate is signed:
Kick off call arranged to discuss configuration steps and after discussion, agree on goal first bill run in Operate / timelines for turning off Centrecharge

Commence copying of Centrecharge customer documents into Operate Email Templates (essensys task)
essensys will be copying all the documents you have set up in Centrecharge into Operate email templates module under 1 folder called Centrecharge. The one section of each document that will not copy over and will be required to be checked and edited by the customer will be any merge field (e.g contact first name). essensys will endeavor to have all documents copied for the customer to review and edit within 2 weeks of customer signing revised Agreement. It will then be the responsibility of the customer to check the email templates and enter the relevant merge fields. 

Re-creation of Licence Agreements and Invoice Templates, Reservation forms (essensys task)
The time taken to configure will start from when the customer has uploaded all files requested to Basecamp, and will typically take 2 weeks from that date. This time maybe increased if the customer has an unusually high number of Agreement / Invoicing templates we have to re-create

Add Admin Users (essensys task)Once the customer has provided the names and emails of Admin users, we will send a registration email to invite you to Operate within 24 hours. It will then be the responsibility of the customer to invite their team members to Operate and set the relevant security groups and location access, plus ensure the team members have the links to relevant KB articles to update their profile and email templates

All documents checked and signed off by customer

All templates checked and signed off by customer
All other Users invited to Operate (customer task)

Users complete profile and email signatures

Scheduled Trainings completed / center teams reviewed all relevant walk-through guides

First Bill Run Completed

First Export Completed

Centrecharge access removed

Typically the configuration will take 2-3 weeks, so if your next bill run is less than 3 weeks from signing new MSA, we recommend planning on the following bill run as first one to complete in Operate. 

Please also note that if your goal dates for migration are more than 2 months from date MSA signed, configuration task timelines may be extended based on scheduling

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