Recreate any custom reports Upload your logo What is Operate?

Operate is a highly configurable online platform that allows space owners to manage the needs of their member community and streamline operations.

Why is the switchover from CentreCharge to Operate happening?

We have listened to our user community and upgraded the technology to provide an enhanced user experience and fully web-based software:

  • Faster performance
  • Eliminates printing issues with Terminal Server
  • Eliminates the double desktop – just use the browser of your choice
  • Easier to use – less training overhead
  • Works on Tablet devices
  • Happier users
  • Easier to customise and adapt to your business needs

What else will you get in Operate that wasn't previously available?

  • Web based – Works on any device and less clunky than terminal server applications. At last no more double desktop!
  • Platform Independent - works on any device
  • Easy to use – Less training and faster return on investment
  • Scheduled Custom Reports – Management information when you need it from any device
  • Easy to customise – Flexible and straightforward to configure especially with the standard editions
  • Workflow and Automation – Easier to automate tasks, actions and alerts1
  • Two-way email – emails sent to you are automatically recorded in the customer record

What will I need to do before the switchover date?

When we write to you with your switchover date, there will be a few details that you will need to supply. The most immediate item to address will be for you to nominate a primary point of contact in your organization for all communication about the switchover.

All communication regarding the switchover will be sent to your nominated point of contact, and they will be responsible for internal communication and planning within your organization.

In addition to this, there will be a few small tasks you will need to complete prior to rolling out to your community.

  • Upload your logo 
  • Recreate your email templates 
  • Recreate any custom reports 
  • Check your templates such as invoice templates are correct 
  • Configure your security groups and permission levels 
  • Confirm that batch sheets in CentreCharge all have a description field added

What training will you provide for Operate?

We will provide you with a two public webinar training sessions covering key topics to help you and users get familiar with the basics and the new interface and essensys are producing video tutorials for you so you can share with your users.

In addition to this, a Knowledge Base will be made available with articles covering all of the great functionality you will benefit from.

How is Operate billed?

CentreCharge customers will be migrated to a version of Operate which is equivalent to their current version. The good news is the prices will remain the same as you pay today unless you decide to upgrade your version to include the “Standard” features of Operate which include a high level of customisation and automation.

All subscriptions will include:

  • Onboarding support and ongoing training
  • All software subscriptions
  • All hosting & storage
  • Access to a telephone Helpdesk for support
  • All software upgrades
  • All backups

Where can I ask questions?

We are not planning any surprises, but you might want to ask some questions. If you do have a question and you cannot find an answer to this in the Knowledge Base, please email 

How long will the switchover take?

We anticipate the switchover to take up to 6 weeks this allows for training and familiarisation of the platform before you conduct your first bill run on Operate.

After the last Bill Run and Export from CentreCharge, you will switchover to Operate and start using this for entering charges, meetings, new customers, billing etc.

Will all my data be in Operate?

All data from your current CentreCharge environment will be in Operate. That includes all historical invoices, licences, templates, etc.

Will my Invoice and Licence Templates be in Operate?

Your standard templates for invoices, licence agreements etc will all be created in Operate for you, any bespoke documents can be tackled on an individual basis please contact to discuss any requirements you may have for this.

I use the CentreCharge SageLink for exporting my invoices, do I need to change anything?

No, it remains the same.

How are the existing product inventory, room inventory, client data and license data etc from centre charge set up in the new system ?

There is no migration of data. Operate is a new front end to the same data.

Will the interface to the accounting system be tested before migration?

There is no change to the accounting interface.

How and when mid months ad-hoc charges are collected from old system and put into new?

All existing charges will be there already as it is a new front end that looks at the same data.

How will continuity of reporting data be achieved?

All the data is the same, so reporting from either interface is looking at the same back end data.

What will happen to my CentreCharge Training Database?

These will disappear when CentreCharge does, you will no longer have access to it.

1 feature availability varies depending on the Operate license.

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