Training Timeline

Our goal is to make the upgrade to Operate a smooth transition for you and your teams. We want to provide you with all the tools you need to jump from CentreCharge to Operate without skipping a beat, while also offering more flexibility to self-serve in other aspects of the software not previously available. In addition to the in-app walk through guides which will be available to your teams once they log into Operate, we will have the following resources available:

  • topic-specific pre-recorded Webinars
  • FAQ Webinars
  • Go-Live Webinars 

You also have access to a series of pre-recorded videos, each addressing a specific area of the software: 

We will also offer a series of Webinars designed to address any FAQs generated from Customers after reviewing the vider series. Check back here in for the full schedule.

We will additionally be hosting live daily "Go-Live" Webinars where customers can drop in and ask specific questions as they arise for the initial month of upgrade. These calls will be scheduled at 2pm EST daily. Dial-in details will be posted later on.

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