When migrating from CentreCharge to Operate, you can reuse any existing email templates you might have. All you need to do is retrieve them from within CentreCharge and set them up within Operate.

Before moving forward, please keep in mind that some elements might not be transferred by a simple copy/paste. You might need to adjust elements such as formatting, hyperlinks or images. In addition, the merge fields / variables are different in Operate- therefore, you will need to replace the pieces of text that you have previously inserted into the email template in order to automatically pull information from the customers’ accounts.

To transfer a template, you will need to use Operate's template editor. If you need help using it, please read the dedicated button glossary for the email template editor.

Retrieve Your Template from CentreCharge 

  • Open CentreCharge.
  • Go to Configuration, in the main menu at the top,
  • Select Document.     
  • Navigate to the template you want to transfer, right click it and select Edit Template.              
  • Now you will be presented with the email template editor. Click the Design view button at the top of your email body, then select and copy the template text.       

Add Your Template to Operate

  • Open Operate.
  • Go to Settings, in the main navigation menu.
  • Select Templates > Email Templates.
  • Click New, on the top left of the template folders screen.
  • Fill out your template’s basic information: Add a name and description, then select a folder to place the template in. Add an email subject and an attachment, if needed.
  • Note the field related area, which you can use to add merge fields within your email template body below.   
  • Paste the template body that you have just copied from within CentreCharge.                  

Adjust Elements that Did Not Transfer to Operate

As highlighted in the screenshot above, some elements did not transfer in our example: for instance, text formatting and paragraph breaks. Here is a checklist of what you might need to look into, before saving your template:

  1. Adjust the text formatting that was not picked up from the source template: for instance bold/italic text, colors, indentation.
  2. Restore paragraph breaks.
  3. If there are any broken images, simply remove them and upload them again.
  4. Restore any hyperlinks that have not been picked up.
  5. Delete any merge fields that come from CentreCharge and replace them with the corresponding ones in Operate. Their naming is similar; however, the field itself is different and needs to be replaced in order for it to work.

Add Merge Fields

This can be achieved using the Field Name, Field Category and Merge Field, found above the template editor.

  • Select a Field Category.
  • Choose a Field Name.
  • Note the Merge Field; then copy/paste it in the email body if you want to use it. If your template already contains merge fields (e.g.: from CentreCharge), please delete them and replace them with the ones generated after selecting your field name and category within Operate. 

Example: The role of the three field related selections is to allow you to use the same template in multiple situations. For instance, you can use one template to reply to multiple customers, without needing to type in information that already exists in the system; such as their account name. All you need to do is copy/paste the Merge Field in the email body. When you send the email, the merge field will automatically replace itself with the information associated with it

Below is an example of a quote enquiry reply email template. To achieve the fields in the screenshot, we have followed these steps:

  • {CONTACT-FULLNAME] - Displays the full name of the contact receiving the email. To find it, select the Contacts Field Category, then Contact Name as a field name.
  • {PRODUCT-MEETINGROOM} - Displays the meeting room that the contact has enquired about. The field can be found under the Product field category, then Meeting Room Field Name.
  • {PRODUCT-NOOFPEOPLE] - This field displays the number of people that a particular workspace accommodates (in our case, the meeting room that the contact has enquired about. The merge field can be found by selecting Product as a Field Category, then Number of People as a Field Name.

Check the Available for Use checkbox to make the template immediately available.

Click Save to complete your template setup.

If your template is made available, you will be able to use it right away, next time when you send an email.

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