Your existing user logins and security access levels will not work in Operate. Instead you will be required to "invite" your users to Operate. Their new login will be their email address and a new password will be set up as they register from the invite. Once the invites are sent, access to CentreCharge will no longer be available. The essensys team will manage registrations for the team members whose emails you have provided for the upgrade. Please ensure you provide your user emails by the date specified in your upgrade email for initial Operate access.

Instructions on adding addional users to Operate after the initial upgrade are available here.

Operate has simplified security groups for users, restricting access to certain modules and features. There are 3 options to select from. Operate Enterprise edition will allow you to add and customize additional security groups. Please refer to this article on Security Groups.

Your users will need to complete their user profile upon registration. We strongly recommend they create their email signature, as it will be displayed when sending emails from Operate. Instructions to do that can be found here


In Operate, in addition to the comprehensive knowledge base library that you can access 24/7 by clicking the "?" on the top right of your screen, you can also use the in-app guides within each module to assist you with "how do I" questions. The most efficient way to engage with our success team is by using the chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen. In cases where chat is not an option, you can email

Sales Overview

LeadDADI activation in Operate

LeadDADI activation is one of the first things you must enable in Operate to ensure your leads continue to populate from online brokers. 

THIS MUST BE DONE ONCE YOU ARE ACTIVE IN OPERATE. If you do not do this, leads will not populate. Instructions on how to enable LeadDADI in Operate can be found here.

Lead Reports

Operate processes leads differently. Click here for more information. Before you upgrade to Operate, you will need to run a lead report in CentreCharge to capture historic lead information, as leads that have been converted to an opportunity / account in CentreCharge  will not show up in Operate and therefore may cause different results in lead reports. 

Sales Opportunity Stages

The automation of opportunity stages in Operate is managed by a series of standard workflows that are pre-configured but require activation. Instructions on how to review them and turn them on can be found here.

Document templates

Operate provides you the ability to create and customize email and document templates such as invoices, credit notes, licence agreements and reservations. Upon upgrade, our default templates will be available for use and will include the logo you provided on relevant templates. We will also upload the Terms & Conditions you provided on Licence/ Virtual Templates. Please ensure you upload your office and virtual T&Cs and company logo by the date specified in your upgrade email to ensure documents are configured. If you use multiple logos, please email us here and we will provide instruction.

Articles relating to the different types of document templates can be found here.

Licence Approvals

Licence Approvals will need to be set up again in Operate - they will not carry over from CentreCharge.

The way that licence approvals work in Operate is also different from CentreCharge.  You can find out more about how licence approvals work here.

Operations Overview

Layout of information in list views and accounts 

We apply a default layout to your database to create list views.

You can customise this information in the list views by following the instructions here. Once a list view is saved, it will always be there for you.

You can also customise the information within related lists - e.g. you might want to see additional fields within the licences list view section. You can see how to do this here.


There is no default email that is set up and sent to customers / center teams when a user adds a reservation to the calendar.

You can either select to send the customer a reservation confirmation form, or you can use workflows to set up your own email that can be sent to the customer every time a reservation is created/edited. 

Account Terminations

In CentreCharge, you need to tick a box in order to mark an Account as Terminated. In Operate this is done using the Account End Date. If this field contains a date, then the system considers the Account as terminating on that date. This means the Account is no longer a customer and will no longer be billed or show up in the calendar / POS. The Account End Date is not the same as the Licence Agreement Term End Date. Each have their own separate functions: One terminates the customer Account itself, while the other only terminates a Licence, not the customer's Account.

Reports & Data Differences

The way CentreCharge handles certain modules and data is different from Operate, and this can create some report discrepancies. An example of this is how a lead is handled in CentreCharge when converted v. Operate. Click the knowledge base article here for more information. Another difference to note is the fact that CentreCharge doesn't display £0 charges, so batch sheets and draft invoices with £0 are hidden in CentreCharge but may display in Operate.

Operate has all "standard" CentreCharge reports. However any custom reports you have created will not be available. Use this as a good time to review your custom reports and select only those you really need. Training can be given to assist with rebuilding them in Operate, or you can use the knowledge base articles  / walk-throughs to self-learn.

OBI (Operate Business Intelligence) reports will also be available as a report building tool in Growth and Enterprise editions. Click here for more information.

Finance Overview

Sales Ledger / Accounts Recievable

In Operate, Sales Ledger is called "Accounts Receivable". The Account Receivable master list view shows all customers, even those with £0 balance or terminated customers. You can create additional list views to show only those customers who have a balance greater than £0 and end date greater than TODAY if you wish.

The process to add a payment to a customer account is slightly different, but still allows you to allocate payments and credit notes against invoices, or leave unallocated. For all articles relating to the Accounts Receivable module click here.

Accounting Export Options

As a cloud-first company, there are inherent challenges that come along with supporting custom financial accounting software integrations with non-web-based platforms that were offered with CentreCharge. Many of the financial accounting software companies themselves no longer support certain versions of the software our customers use.  For this reason, essensys will begin to phase out the support of any old versions of stand alone financial applications.

essensys is and always has been a company that puts the customer first. We acknowledge that financial accounting software is as mission critical as Operate is and appreciate that our customers may not be in a position to upgrade their existing financial accounting software immediately. With this in mind, our short-term goal is to provide our customers with uninterrupted workflow. This will require that each existing customer install a new file called essensys Financial Connector v1 to replace the existing Centrecharge local file that will enable Operate to communicate directly with your financial software for the remainder of your existing contract, just as Centrecharge did. This file will be installed (and the old Centrecharge file uninstalled) in line with the cutover to Operate from Centrecharge. For those customers already on Operate who have a current local file installed, you will also be required to install the new Financial Connector file. Please be aware that this is a beta product and should be treated as such.

 Once your existing contract renews, you can continue to use the  Financial Connector file v1, however essensys will no longer offer support for this file. You may also choose to upgrade to a supported version of the essensys Financial Connector v2 which will replace the v1, will be priced according to your edition and will be fully supported by essensys. This file will support the most popular and latest versions of financial accounting software.

We are also dedicated to building further robust financial accounting software integrations with online platforms that will be available through our online marketplace and will provide deeper integrations.

All On One Invoice

Within Operate its not possible to send multiple invoices on a single email. 

We would recommend that you use a statement from Accounts Receivable to show outstanding invoices or alternatively you can still select invoices and send these individually by previewing the invoice and then selecting email.

New Features

Operate has many additional features (depending on the edition of Operate you have opted for) which you can now benefit from:

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