When you log in to Operate for the first time all your CentreCharge data will be there, but it will be organised slightly differently and you'll be looking at it through a new view. Here's how to find it ....

Below is a list of the Modules that you will be used to using in CentreCharge that are directly accessible in the top drop down menu in Operate

or you can use the global search at the top to search for modules as well as customers, contacts etc:

  • Accounts and Contacts are under the Member menu option
  • Leads and Opportunities are located under the Sales menu option
  • Locatins (Sites inUK CenteCharge) - are now 'Locations' under the Hub menu option
  • Products (Items in UK CentreCharge) - are now 'Products' under the Hub menu option
  • Tasks - are now under the Hub menu option
  • Calendar (Meetings in UK CentreCharge) - are now split into Calendar (calendar view) and Bookings (list of bookings) under the Calendar menu option
  • Reorts - are under the Report menu option where you can find standard reports and create your own (any custom reports created in CentreCharge will not show in here)
  • Clicking on a menu option will take you to a List View of your data. You can switch between the default List Views and create and edit your own.
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