When using Two-way Email in Operate, it is necessary to set up a distribution email address. If you are using G Suite, Gmail or Google Mail for your internal mailing system, there is a specific way in which the distribution address should be set up. This is slightly different to Microsoft Exchange and other mail servers. Below are some tips for setting up and configuring the group for use with Two-way Email.

Setting up the group 

  1. Navigate to the Groups section within your G Suite Admin console and select Create a group
  2. From the top of the form enter details in the sections:
  • Group name - This can be anything, but try make it meaningful, such as Operate Two-Way Email
  • Group email address - This will be the email address people see when replying to your emails. You will enter this in the two-way Email setup in Operate
  • Group description - This can be anything, and again it is useful to make it something meaningful.
  • Group's primary language - Choose your language
  • Group Type - Select "Email List" from the drop-down. This is closest to a traditional distribution list.
  •  Basic Permissions - Set all three permission types to "Public".

Click Save, then you may need to click  Save my settings in the next window. 

Add the Two-way Email address from Operate to the group

  1. Select the My groups section, then click on Manage next to the group you just created
  2. From the left-hand side, under the Members heading select Direct add members.
  3. In Enter email addresses to add as members, add the forwarding address provided within Operate
  4. Add a welcome message. This will only be seen by users who log in to access your Google Group
  5. Make sure All Email is selected at the bottom
  6. Click Add at the top

Advanced Settings

From the left-hand side under the Settings section select Email options and make sure none of the boxes in the Email footer section are ticked. Do the same for the auto replies section. Post replies should be set to To the entire group.

From the left-hand side under Members select All members. There should already be two users here: your user and the user just added. You can check the box next to your user and drop-down actions at the top, then Change delivery setting and select No Email to stop your user from getting the Emails as well.

Activate Two-way Email in Operate

Follow the rest of the steps to complete the set up of your Two-way Email in Operate. 

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