The billing section found in the navigation menu is for your use as an Operator. Here you can download a bill for the whole site that is broken down into individual client usage. There is also a separate section where clients can also learn about individual call charges. There are several billing options:

  • Invoice: downloads a PDF giving a summary of all services consumed as a whole building, consolidated into one invoice. There is no distinction between services that different clients use.
  • ¬†Invoice Report: This is a breakdown of services consumed by individual clients, including call charges.
  • Service Report: Shows all services purchased across all sites. This can be downloaded as a monthly report, or a daily snapshot.

We can also provide you with a consolidated call charge report, summarised by extension and client. This report is not currently available in Connect, but we can supply it to you each month as an emailed .csv report. If you would like to receive this report, let us know at 

Generating a report or invoice

When you reach the Billing page, you can select 'Download Service Report' to view the report of all current services.

To view other reports and invoices, select a month from the dropdown menu.

When a month has been selected, options to Download Invoice, Download Invoice Report and Download Service Reports will appear.

These will save to your download folder and will open in your default browser.

Breakdown of a bill

An Invoice will give a list of all services consumed, quantity, unit price, and total amount.

There is also a breakdown of sub total, VAT and total due

A Call Report gives a detailed call type analysis showing analysis of calls from fixed lines. Displayed is Destination, Calls, Duration, and Cost. A total is displayed at the bottom.

A Service Report provides a list of all services provided to a site, along with the client name and the associated costs.

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