Wi-Fi services are key to delivering a great workspace experience. Wi-Fi analytics can help you improve capacity planning, discover and close up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, prevent churn and launch timely marketing campaigns to drive demand for unused space such as meeting rooms, event space and desks. 

Accessing Wi-Fi Stats

*only available to Username based Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi Secure) enabled sites.

You can access the new Wi-Fi stats in Connect by going to:

  • Reporting > Wi-Fi Statistics

1. Wi-Fi Secure - Snapshot

*Stats include Members with an Active Username Based Wi-Fi Status

The Snapshot provides Day, Week, Month and Custom views and is split in two parts:

  • Gauges - a site level overview of the number of members seen online, split by Virtual/Lounge, Resident and All Members (Virtual/Lounge & Resident)

  • Stacked Bars - a tenant/company level overview of the number of members seen online, split by Existing, New and Inactive Members

The Snapshot Gauges will help you:

  • Understand your existing tenant and member numbers, types and split, making it easier to work out your occupancy levels and identify potential churn issues

*The total number of members displayed is based on the number of members last seen within the past 3 months from the selected date.

The Snapshot Stacked Bars will help you:

  • Check if you are on the right track for growth by looking at the number of new members and tenants added within a Month or Custom date such as a Quarter.

When you see an increase in the number of new members within a company, you can consider up/cross-sell opportunities around bandwidth and space.

  • Understand changes within your tenant and member structure so that you can spot opportunities or address potential churn.

When you see a large number of inactive resident members for an extended period of time, there may be potential churn threats to address. 


          *Existing Members - first seen before selected date/s and online on date/s
          *New Members -  first seen on/during a selected date/s
          *Inactive Members - not seen online during a selected date/s
          *Total Registered Members - last seen within the last 3 months


Clicking on any company on the stacked bar will take you to a list containing individual member details: name, email, number of sessions (days), duration of sessions, number of devices connected and MAC address. You can export the list.

You can also take a look at the bandwidth graphs for a certain tenant to see what their bandwidth consumption is and whether there's an opportunity to upgrade the service.

2. Wi-Fi Secure - Heatmap

The Heatmap gives you a site level overview of the busiest times throughout a day, by determining the number of concurrent members seen online during specific intervals.

You can see a heatmap for a given Day, Week, Month or custom period and split by Virtual/Lounge, Resident and All Members (Virtual/Lounge & Resident). 

The heatmap will help you:

  • Improve capacity planning - making sure you have the right number of team members available during the busiest days of the week and times of the day.

  • Deliver just-in-time marketing campaigns to maximise occupancy or space utilization levels by promoting meeting rooms, event space or coworking plans. 

You can also take a look at the bandwidth graphs for your site to ensure the right level of service is provided during peak times. 

Clicking on a specific time on the heatmap will display a list of members seen online at that time, the start and end time of their sessions. You can export the list.

3. Guest Monitor

Guest Monitor shows you:

  • which devices have most frequently accessed your guest Wi-Fi service

  • the details captured (name, email etc.) from the splash screen each time that device accessed the Guest Wi-Fi

  • the number of days and duration of the visit, over the time frame selected

You can select from Day, Week, Month and Custom date views and select a particular Guest to drill down into more detail around times visited.

Guest monitor will help you:

  • Prevent regular guests and customers from abusing Guest Wi-Fi services by identifying them. 

4. Guest Marketing

Guest Marketing provides details on all those who accessed Guest Wi-Fi within a chosen period of time - Day, Week, Month, Custom.

It includes key information provided on the Guest Wi-Fi Splash page, alongside the dates, times and duration of the visits.

Guest marketing will help you:

  • Communicate easily with prospects especially after walk-in visits or tour requests.

  • Identify any existing members who use Guest Wi-Fi extensively instead of Lounge or Wi-Fi Secure services. 

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