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Operate - Creating a Stepped Licence
Operate - Creating a Stepped Licence

Using Operate to create stepped deals which gradually increase pricing

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What is a Stepped Licence?

A stepped Licence is one in which you provide the customer with discounts for the first few months of service and you gradually increase rates to the full price. 

For example, you may discount the price by 10% for the first month, 6% for the second month and 4% for the third month. Starting with the fourth month, the customer pays full price. The discounts are not restricted to three months, this is just an example. As you will not enter percentages in Operate, but actual amounts.

How to Create a Stepped Licence?

Start by creating your Licence as usual, The stepped deal is set up when you add an office or service to it.

Once your setup is done, you can add the stepped deal. This means discounting the price by a gradually lower amount each month. To follow our example above, if for instance, your office rent is £5000/month, the discounts would be £500, £300 and £200 respectively. 

You can set up these discounts in the billing schedule. 

If your company has enabled Licence Approvals, this may be required for your Licence, depending on the discount percent you apply, whether you are an approver or not and whether the discount you applied exceeds the approved percentage per location or per approver.

Please note that when applying discounts on a Licence item, it will apply to the full price of the office or service and not to the month's charge. Therefore, if you have a prorated charge, the discount cannot be applied to it. The calculation is List Price - Discount = Monthly Price (to which the prorate applies).

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