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Managing Opportunity Contract Values in Operate
Managing Opportunity Contract Values in Operate

A few ideas on how to keep track of contract values in Operate

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If you want to keep track of how much your Opportunities bring in, financially, Operate allows you to do this using a manual field that lets you add amounts the way you want to track them.

The 'Amount' Field on Opportunities

The first place where this information is stored is the Amount field on your opportunities. It's a currency field that you may find under Deal Metrics. Your Opportunity page layout may be different from the default, therefore please check other sections too, in case it is not here. You can change your page layout by following this guide. If you need more information on Opportunities, please check the dedicated Knowledge Base section

Please keep in mind that this field needs to be manually populated, it will not pull any information from within the system. This means that whenever you activate a Licence that corresponds to the Account assigned to the Opportunity in question, you will need to go back to the Opportunity and adjust the Amount field with the value of the Licence or any partial value (in case you have several opportunities on an account, each for different types of products/services). 

There main reason why the Amount field needs to be adjusted manually is that different workspace operators might opt for different types of calculations. There are too many variables to consider for this field, therefore we have made it manual, to allow you to decide exactly what data you want to add here. Here are some examples:

  • You may only want to add rent to an opportunity; or you may want to include the full value of products / services sold.

  • You may want to include the monthly, yearly or total contract value.

  • You may or may not consider stepped deals when calculating the amount of an opportunity.

  • ...etc.

It is up to you how you want to calculate this.


Once you have populated the Amount field on your Opportunities, you can use the data to create reports. All you need to do is find it in the list of available report fields and add it. 

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