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Sending Accounts in Operate to Connect as Clients
Sending Accounts in Operate to Connect as Clients

How to link Accounts created in Operate to Clients within Connect

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Operate and Connect Synchronisation

We have enabled the linking of Accounts in Operate with Clients in Connect. With this, when an Account is created in Operate you are given the option to automatically create that Client within Connect. 

The sync will save you time by linking the tasks that you currently have to perform in both platforms. This includes:

  • Creating Accounts in Operate

  • Creating Clients in Connect

  • Adding the account code for uploading call charges from Connect to Operate

Sending Accounts to Connect

You will be able to prompt the creation of a Connect client from the Account record in Operate. This comes in the form of a ‘Send to Connect’ button within the Account records.

When the ‘Send to Connect’ button within the Account record is pressed, a Client is created in Connect with some of the data held in Operate (see below for data).

Once the Account has been successfully sent to Connect the button will no longer appear within that Account record and you will be able to view/edit the Client that was created in Connect.

Data Passed Across

These are the details that are passed from Operate to Connect:

  • Account Name: Will be the Client name within Connect

  • Type: Residential or Virtual. Custom types created in Operate will be set as residential within Connect

  • Start Date: The time at which the button in Operate is pushed

  • End Date: 1 year from the start date

  • Accounts ID: Is set as the ‘Billing Reference’ within Connect


The sync between Accounts in Operate and Clients in Connect will only allow certain data to be passed across platforms. You are still required to add and manage additional information within Connect.

  • Users: When pushing an Account from Operate into Connect, the Contacts within the Account are not created as Users in Connect. You would be required to add Users manually within Connect if so desired.

  • Status: When a Client is created within Connect it will have a status of ‘Awaiting Provisioning’. You can activate the client by using the ‘convert’ button within the record.

  • Services & Rooms: You will then be required to add services and rooms manually to the Client

We recommend only one Operate pushes the Accounts across. This will ensure there is a centralised location where this is managed and in turn minimising the risk of creating duplicates.

Uploading Call Charges

Go to Charges > Device Imports.

  • Click New, then click Begin Import.

  • Choose your Location - Each import is based on the specific location where the charges have incurred. Please make sure that you choose the correct location, from where the charges file you’re importing is coming from. If the wrong location is selected, your charges will not be matched to an account because that account cannot be found in the system, at the location you’ve selected.

Enter your import information:

  • Under Import Type, select 'essensys call logger'

  • Select the Product Group to which your charge belongs - usually this would be something along the lines of 'Telephone Charges'.

  • Choose the Product that you are charging for - here we will be selecting 'Call Charges'.

  • Choose a Batch Date - this will be the key date, to which the charges will be billed.

  • Add a Reference Date, specific to the overall charge import.

  • Add Reference Text if needed.

  • Choose the file that you want to import - Browse your computer and upload the file you have just downloaded from Connect to Operate.

  • Click Import  

In the screenshot below, you can see that the first row has been matched and the charge has been created.
The second row has not matched and in order to resolve this, you would need to add a corresponding account code to the account (see Step 1 of this article)

Step 4 - Check and approve the batch sheet

Navigate to charges>batch sheets in the list you will see a batch sheet titled 'essensys call logger v2'

  • Click on the pencil icon to view the batch sheet in edit mode.

Then validate the totals, and finally make sure completed(1) and approved(2) have both been ticked.

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