If your handset shows VVX400 on the front display, first check the handset is definately connected to the switchport. To do this, please follow this article:

If the result shows a switchport, then please see this article...

If the result shows "No Port Found", you will need to:

  • Check that the switch port is set up correctly on Connect. Double check that the switch port is allocated to the correct client and is set up as a ‘Voice’ or ‘Voice/LAN/Internet’ port

  • Check the patching for this handset is correct

  • Try connecting the handset directly to the switchport, bypassing the floor port 

If the issue persists, raise a case within Connect and copy the template below in to the Description voice and fill the details:

  • Telephone Number = 

  • MAC Address =  

  • The /// number (if applicable, this will be on the home screen of the handset) =

  • Switch port = 

  • Error on the handset = 

  • Description of the troubleshooting steps completed =  

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