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How to find out which Wireless Access Point (WAP) a device is connecting to
How to find out which Wireless Access Point (WAP) a device is connecting to

This article describes how you can find out which WAP a device is connecting to

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This article is useful if the client is reporting Wifi drops and/or slow speeds.

When a client is having Wireless issues, you can see which WAP the client is connected to on Connect, providing they are connected to Wifi.

To check which WAP the client is connecting to, first you will need a MAC address of the device that the client is using to connect. To find this, please see this article How to find your MAC address

Once you have the MAC Address and the device is connected to Wifi (the device can be connected to Guest Wifi or the clients Wifi - just as long as it is within their office), you can then search for this on Connect. Please see this article on how to do this - Connect MAC Address Finder

Once you search for your device as described in the article above, you should be presented with the switchport. Once you have this, go back to Switches, select the switch (step 1), then switchport (step 2) and then select Switch Port Details (step 3):

You will be presented with a screen like this:

This may be a little overwhelming at first glance, however I will explain each section below:

These statuses above should always be the same. They provide an indication of the status of the port. If any of the above does not match to what you are seeing, there may be an issue with the switchport or WAP. 

Where you see MAC, this is all the devices that are currently connected to that WAP:

The MAC Address of that device is to the right. You should be able to see the device in this list:

Where you see VLAN, this is the name of the clients network that MAC is connected to. 

A VLAN is the clients private network. I will choose a VLAN from the above example and show how this is broken down and how you can find out which client that VLAN belongs to:

esaldsitema4904(2176) - this shows the operator-site-client-(VLAN):

  • es = Operator

  • ald = Site

  • sitema4904 = Client Alias

  • (2176) = Client VLAN Tag

With the Client Alias, you can see which client this VLAN belongs to. This is found under Clients on Connect:

The MAC Address of the WAP can be seen next to LLDP Neighbour IP:



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