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Common Questions & Issues
Common Questions & Issues

Common Question & Issues covering the errors you may get within Connect

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Here are some of the most common questions you might have:

What to do if the handsets are not logging in?

A helpful guide on all the steps involved in getting handsets up and running.

A step-by-step guide on what the next steps are if your client can't connect to the internet.

What steps you can take if you or your client's can't connect to Wi-Fi secure.

How to add new Staff Members to Connect

What to do when a client has brought in their own router and information on what public IP's and how to set these up.

A guide on how you or the client are able to view their charges

A guide on how you or the client are able to view their call reports

If your clients ever need to show or withhold their DDI's

How to access voicemail for both DDI's and mainline number.

A guide on how to log into a voicemail and set up your different voicemail greetings.

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Then try searching the Connect Knowledge Base. We also have video guides which can be found here.  

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