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General Pre-Bill Run Checklist

Go through a Bill Run only after having made sure these items are checked

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Before performing a Bill Run to issue your invoices, please first go through the tasks below to make sure the process runs smoothly. 

Draft invoices

Check to make sure that your draft invoices section is empty, if you have any draft invoices you should approve or remove them first. If there are any draft invoices for customers who will be picked up by the Bill Run as well, then all invoices (existing drafts and those created after bill run) will be merged into one. Not checking your drafts may result in unwanted charges being added to your final invoices.

Account Invoice Settings

Check your accounts to make sure all active accounts have one of the following:

  • They have a valid email address and 'Email invoices' is ticked - this is needed if they chose to receive their invoices via email.

  • 'Print invoice\ is ticked for customers who chose to receive printed invoices.

It's easier to do this once for all of your Accounts, when you go through your first Bill Run with Operate. Afterwards, you can filter for Accounts created during the current month and only check those.

Batch Sheets

Check your batch sheets for the following:

  • Are the dates of the batch sheets correct?

  • Have the batch sheets been completed and approved?

The easiest way to do this is to go to Charges > Batch Sheets and check your list for the desired dates and status.

If batch dates are not within the period that you are billing for, your batch sheet will not be transferred for billing. The same occurs if the batch sheet is unapproved.


Go to the Calendar and ensure that there are no provisional reservations for the period which you are invoicing – the easiest way to do this is to look for blue bookings in the list view. .

If your list view displays bookings that appear as having been invoices, it is normal that these are not pulled through your bill run. 

The Unbilled Charges Report

Run and download the unbilled charges report for the period which you will be invoicing:

  • Check that the unbilled charges report shows your calendar bookings, call charges, catering and any other ad hoc items that may have been added during the period, as either charge sheets or batch sheets.

  • Download and save this report

Expired Licences

Only If you use auto renewals, check your licences tab to see whether there are any licences which have expired that you would expect to still be billing. The Licence renewal date should be set to next day after expiration for it to auto renew and continue being billed. Expired Licences will not be billed.

The Pre-Bill Run Report

This report shows everything that you will be invoicing for the “period up to” that you select. The bill up to date should be the last day of the period you are invoicing.

  • Check that the periods you are invoicing are correct – e.g if you are invoicing for September 2017 and do not bill in advance, the from date should be 01/09/2017 and the to date should be 30/09/2017

  • Check that the values are correct – if you look at the total value, how does this compare to previous months? 

Other checks

  • End Dates: Ensure that there are no end dates on accounts that you still expect to be billing for. Adding an end date to an account in Operate will cease billing and have other impacts such as revoking portal access for contacts and removal from the point of sale and calendar. An end date should only be used for terminated accounts.

When you are sure that all of these items are right, then you can proceed to the Bill Run.

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