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Operate - Long Running Licences
Operate - Long Running Licences

This article explains the adjustments Operate makes to help you manage very extensive Licence Agreements

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Managing Licences that extend over a very long period of time (decades, for example) can be a complex process - both for you as an Organization and for Operate as the platform that needs to process the data this involves. 

To improve Operate's performance when it comes to this type of Licences, essensys has implemented a filter that lets you select specific years on Licence items, when the billing period exceeds 25 months. Let's discuss this in more detail.

When going through the creation of a Licence, you will need to provide a Start and End Date along with other needed information. 

When you add any Licence Item (an Office, Virtual Service or Contract Service), Operate applies the provided Licence Start and End Dates automatically (you can adjust them per item if needed). Depending on the Start and End Dates you apply per item, there will be two possible scenarios: 

  • If your office or service is being billed for a period of less than 25 months, Operate will display your entire list of charges on the Licence Item page with no filtering options. 

  • If the billing period exceeds 25 months, Operate will only show the list of charges applied within the current year and will allow you to select subsequent years using a filter. You can find it on top of your list of charges, to the right. To see the charges that correspond to a particular year, you will need to select this year using the filter. 

Depending on how extensive your Licence is, Operate might need some time to save it - please be patient for a few minutes until the task completes. If you have any issues; however, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support using the chat icon at the bottom right of the screen.

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