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Installing / Uninstalling Operate Portal Modules
Installing / Uninstalling Operate Portal Modules

Add or Remove Portal sections by uninstalling corresponding modules

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Operate Portal is an online member area providing your members with a way to book and view meeting rooms and desks, view and pay invoices and collaborate & connect with your community. The portal is designed to be responsive allowing members to access vital pages from their phone, tablet or laptop.

Your Portal sections are managed within Operate as separate modules which you can install and uninstall. You can find them by going to your Operate Settings > Integrations > Portal.

Available Modules

  • Announcements - used to post announcements to the Portal - announcements being posts that display on the top of your Portal for a set amount of time. 

  • Availability - allows you to control the days you would like to be excluded from desk and meeting rooms being booked.

  • Desks - allows members to book your desks online through the member portal, and non-members to book your desks directly from your website.

  • Feedback - allows your customer to give you feedback using the Portal. This will add an option on the Portal, which your customers can use to provide feedback.

  • Google Analytics - Add Google Analytics to you Customer Portal and start gathering statics on how your portal is utilised.

  • Meeting Rooms - allows members to book your meeting rooms online through the member portal, and non-members to search and book meeting rooms directly from your website.

  • Online Plans - allows you to create plans of one or several of your products and sell them on your Portal or website.

  • Operate Portal - enables or disables the entire Portal associated to your account.

  • Portal Community - allows your customers to interact with each other.
    Your customers will be able to add their profile to the community and shout out to the rest of the community or just to say how they are feeling with status updates. This adds the 'Community' section on your Portal.

  • Portal Events - allows you to post events on your Portal and allow customers to book a place. This adds the 'My Events' section on your Portal.

  • Portal Invoices - adds a page to your Operate portal that allows your customers to view and pay their invoices online. Customers will be able to download a copy of the original invoice and see any invoices which have been paid. With selected payment processors, customers can also pay and set themselves up for recurring billing. If you don't have a payment processor check out our Hubstore for available payment processors that you can use to start taking payment online.  This adds the 'My Account > Invoices' Portal section. 

  • Portal Licences - used to display a customer's current licence agreements online. Your customer will be able to drill down on the licence agreement and view the detail of what is included in the licence agreement.  This adds the 'My Account > My Contract' Portal section. 

  • Portal Pages - allows you to create custom HTML pages and add them to your Portal

  • Portal Statements - Portal Statements is used to show your customer a complete  list of all their invoices and payments.Your customers will be able to download their statement to the local computer using the export function. This adds the 'My Account > Statement' Portal section. 

  • Portal Transactions - allows you to view a list of transactions made via your Portal, within your Operate account. This is not a customer facing module, only you as the Operator can interact with it. 

  • Promo Codes - allows you to create codes that your customers can use to purchase your products or services for a discounted price.

Installing or Uninstalling a Module

To install or uninstall any of the above modules, go to Operate's Settings > Integrations > Portal. All of your modules will be listed here. 

If a module is installed, it will allow you to either Open it to access its features, or uninstall it. Uninstalling the module will remove its correspondinf section from your Portal.

Modules that are not installed will have an Instll button, which you can use to add the module and its corresponding sections to the Portal. 

Modules that allow customers to make payments on your Portal - such as the Invoices, Meeting Rooms, Online Plans or Events module - will require the use of a payment gateway. Operate supports a variety of major providers, which you can read more about in the Portal Payments section. 







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