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General Overview of Operate Business Intelligence (OBI) Reports
General Overview of Operate Business Intelligence (OBI) Reports

Read an overview of the OBI Reports feature in Operate

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Operate Business Intelligence (OBI) Reports are an additional reporting feature available in Operate Growth and Enterprise editions . It allows you to gain further insight into your data, providing more customization and intermodule calculations that make them a very valuable data analysis tool for your business. 

For now, Operate will provide you with a set of pre-built reports which you can use as-is or modify as needed. You can start from an existing report, by editing and saving it as a new report. It is not yet possible to start a report from scratch, though this does not limit the functionality at all. As we make improvements on this feature, it will be possible for you to start new reports as well. 

Where to find your advanced reports

Your Advanced Reports are found under the Operate Reports section, in the Advanced Reports folder. 

You can view and manipulate a report by clicking on its name. 

To edit a report, click the pencil icon next to it. 

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