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Printer issues and Scan to Email
Printer issues and Scan to Email

Printer Issues and Scan to Email feature

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If you're having trouble printing from your devices, the first things to check is if the patching is correct and that the port is allocated correctly to the client as a LAN port.
Next try statically assigning an IP address to the printer -  this simply means you manually add an IP address to the printer which won't change - the private IP address is found on the service guide for the client.

The first 20 IP's are used for static assignment, for example -:
if an IP address looks like this in the client's service guide: '', you could use and manually enter this into the printer. The '5' here can be any number between 5 and 20 and is the only thing you would change.

If the printer still is not able to connect to the client's devices, they should contact their own IT support first to make sure their devices are set up correctly.

If you're still having trouble, then please raise a support ticket making sure you have the switchport that the printer is patched to and the MAC address of the printer. This can be found within the printer settings - if you're not sure how to find this you should contact the provider of the printer.  

Scan to Email 

If your printer has a "Scan to Email" feature, this will require an email address to set up.  The information you require for this will be available through your email provider.

For the "outgoing email" field you would need to use the essensys SMTP relay address which is: 

Please note that you do not need any authentication to use this outgoing email service.

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