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Connect - Phone Call History, Favourites and Privacy

Instructions on clearing any personal data from Polycom handsets.

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Certain personal data is stored in your Polycom phone that you may wish to keep private, particularly when moving out of a building. To protect your privacy we recommend you manually clear down any data.

Deleting Favourites/Directory Entries

To delete a directory entry perform the following steps:
· Press the Home button
· Use the Navigation buttons to scroll along and choose “Directories
· Choose Contact Directory
· Press “Info
· Press "Delete"
· The phone will now prompt whether you really want to delete this contact, press “Yes

Deleting Call History

· To delete your call history first navigate to any of the Call Lists on your handset, you can do this by pressing a directional key (right, down or left)
· Press More then Clear
· Highlight the list you want to clear and press Select. Be careful when doing this as there is no confirmation page.

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