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Customizing the look and feel of your portal
Customizing the look and feel of your portal

What can be done to make your Operate member portal look like your website

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essensys use a standardised style sheet template throughout the member portal, this ensures an optimised performance for your end users and makes it easily supportable.

Presently we support the following customizations, if you would like any updates to your existing member portal this is chargeable please email for any changes.

What can you customize

  • You can choose a logo to upload (1), this will be resized to 36px height for optimisation

  • You can also choose one colour which will be applied to the header (2) the buttons (4) some of the headings and also icons (3) - by default the text within the buttons and nav bar will be white.

When requesting a customisation, please specify the colour you require in hex format e.g #ea3f3b
and please provide the logo you wish to use in a filesize of less than 200kb.

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