26th May

Phone number and name can be added to Site Key Contacts by T2 admins under "Settings>Contacts"

Active Workstations will be hidden for customers who do not use active workstation for billing

28th Apr

IVR Setup - Creating/Updating with incorrect file type will show a detailed error message

14th Apr

Bug Fixes

31st Mar

Client Site Move Wizard for T2 Super Admins under Client > More > Client Site Move

17th Mar

Alert Cases in Connect (Support > Support Cases)

Ultrasoft CSV download for Call Charges removed (Client > Billing > Client Call Charges)

3rd Mar

Bug Fixes

Smart Search - Fixed issue where cases not appearing in search box

8th Feb

Tariff Management moved from Clients>Telephone Manager to Clients>Billing

Bug Fixes

27th Jan

T2 & T1 Beta version of Interim Call Charges

Call Charge Report - New Data Fields (Free Seconds, Connection Fee, Tariff Name, Auth Code)

Calls By Extension Report -New Data Fields (Free Seconds, Connection Fee, Tariff Name, Auth Code) from Jan 2021 billing onwards

Warning Message for Main Number User Features

13th Jan

Updating Phone Extension - permission updates for admins

High Bandwidth Report direct click through to Bandwidth Report

Customisable Number of Rows on Client Page

Bug Fixes

2nd Dec

Main Number Setup - Call Forwarding If Not Answered

Email Already Users Error Message Updates

Group of Spaces

Bug Fixes

18th Nov

Access Control: Admin Logs Searching

Bulk Updated of Wi-Fi Concurrent Device Limits

Bug Fixes

4th Nov

Access Control: Access Logs Searching

Reporting: Count of Secure Wi-Fi Users At All Sites data export to CSV

Billing: All Sites Arrears Reports in CSV

Billing: All Sites Advance Reports in CSV

21st Oct

Access Control Access Logs Exportable

Access Control Users Tab masking and unmasking of Card IDs

Enterprise Reports - Wi-Fi Statistics decommissioned

8th Oct

Wi-Fi Devices Password viewable under Wi-Fi Manager > Additional Devices

23rd Sep

Enterprise Only Report - Count of Wi-Fi Users By Site

Smart Search To Include Access Control Card ID

Minor Enhancements to New Client Wizard & Access Control

9th Sep

Access Control by Site

Access Control T2 Admin Can Edit other T2 Admins access control

Secure Wi-Fi Report - Top 5 Users By Time Online

Bug fixes

27th Aug

Billing Page Design Refresh

Guest Wi-Fi Report - Top 5 Devices By Time Online

Guest Wi-Fi Report - Top 5 Devices By Bandwidth Usage

Secure Wi-Fi Report - Top 5 Users By Bandwidth Usage

Export All T1 Users to .csv

New Client Wizard includes Wi-Fi Setup

13th Aug

Support cases with attachments upload

Guest Wi-Fi Report - Top 5 Devices By Days Online

Secure Wi-Fi Report - Top 5 Users By Days Online

Tariff Management Bulk Client Tariff Updates

Bug Fixes

30th Jul
Updated Support Page in Connect

Bug Fixes

16th Jul
Block Device from Guest Wi-Fi
Contacts in Connect

Connect Support Page Updates

2nd Jul
Tariff Management
New Guest & Secure Wi-Fi Reports

17th Jun
Guest Wi-Fi Report Connected User Now (beta)
Usage Report - Client Quantity and Cost Added

T1 Connect Support Page - Softphone App section added

Bug Fixes

3rd Jun
Enterprise Reporting - Multi Site usage Reports for T2 Super admins
New Secure Wi-Fi Report (beta)

Bug Fixes

22nd May
New Guest Wi-Fi Report (beta)
Smart Access Control door scheduling lock/unlock times

06th May
Access Control provisioning/updating status to show as hour glass
Bug Fixes

22nd April
Service Status page - Enterprise Edition only
Bulk User Creation Upload
essensys Smart Access Bulk User Update
Bug Fixes

8th April
essensys Smart Access - Admin Log
Wi-Fi Access Point - select/unselect all access points
User Export - Access Control and Connect user properties added
Bug Fixes

26th March
essensys Smart Access
Wi-Fi: Device Type Report shows number and percentages

11th March
Guest Wi-Fi Splash page - marketing opt in default unticked
Highbandwidth Report - display type of pipe
Bug Fixes 

26th February
Bug Fixes

12th February
Bug Fixes

22nd January
Reporting - Services: Calling Destinations
Reporting - Support: Clients Summary
Reporting - Cases Reports with multi site selection function
Bug Fixes

8th January
Service Guide: Public IP display ranges
High Bandwidth Report enhancements on duration display & redirecting to bandwidth report
Bug Fixes

11th December
Reporting - Services: Active Service Report
Reporting - Services: Service History Report
Billing - Usage Reports
Bug Fixes

27th November
Reporting - Network: High Bandwidth Usage (Beta)
Reporting - Support: Open Cases & Overview of Cases 

13th November
Guest Wi-Fi Template Editor - Enterprise Edition only
Settings menu for branding
Wi-Fi Stats moved to Reporting - Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Statistics
Bug Fixes

30th October
Self Service Music on Hold
Wi-Fi invite email - showing concurrent device limit
Bug Fixes

24th October
Pricebook logo
Bug Fixes

9th October
Bug Fixes

28th August
Service Guide
White Labelling
Invite email
Bug Fixes

8th August
Bug Fixes

25th July
Enterprise Reporting - Network
User Management - Combine user creation with Connect and WiFi secure invites
Case Navigation
Bug Fixes

11th July
WiFi stats Reporting
Enterprise Reporting
Service Guide update
Bug Fixes

2nd May
Active Services Report
Bug Fixes

17th April
Case Logging Report
Bug Fixes

4th April
Enterprise Reporting
Bug Fixes

20th March
Bug Fixes & Minor Change

8th March
Switch Manager Change
Minor Changes
Bug Fixes

20th February
Case Notifications and Improvements
Cookie Notification
Bug Fixes

31st January
Further Customise Email Templates
Bug Fixes

17th January
Branding your Connect emails
Bug Fixe

3rd January
Bug Fixes & Minor Changes 

20th December
Bug Fixes & Minor Changes 

22nd November
Bug Fixes

25th October
Selective Call Rejection
Support Page For Your End Users
Bug Fixes
30th August
Further Details on Completed Tasks
Bug Fixes

2nd August
Main Number - In Office Hunt Group Configuration
Assigning Users to Extensions
Data Port List additions

19th July
DHCP Disabling

5th July
Faster Wi-Fi Activation for your Users
Call Waiting
Main Number Forwarding During Business Hours
Bug Fixes

21st June
Further Call Forwarding Options
Exported Pricebook Improvements
Bug Fixes

14th June
New Softphone App 

8th June
Bandwidth Graphs - Custom Date Search
Switch Port Details - Last Active Time

24th May
Enhanced Call Reports Expansion

28th August 2019

Service Guide update – The service guide Phone Number Allocation section now includes the first and last name associated to the extension.

White Label Service Guides Tier 2 Super Admins now have access to update branding on the Service Guide document.

Service Guide Branding The Service Guide logos and branding are now updated to the current essensys branding.

Inactive Clients – The services section on an inactive client will now show the services the client had active at the time of their decommission.

Bandwidth – Client breakdown on shared services will now show combined Upload and Download usage.

Connect Theme – The hyperlink colour change has been removed from the Connect Theme section.

Invite Email – Combine Connect invite email and Wi-Fi email.

Bug Fixes:

Service Guide issue – An issue where extensions were duplicated on the Service Guide document where a company name was too long has been resolved.

8th August 2019

Pricebook – Cosmetic changes to the Pricebook page. All services now show costs to 2 decimal places, are aligned to the right and where the charges are monthly this is now displayed with /mo suffix.

Bug Fixes

Call Reports – Both the Individual and Group Daily reports are now able to be exported.

User access – Tier 2 Super Admins are now able to see other Tier 2 Super Admins on user lists.

25th July 2019

Enterprise Reporting – A new Network tab has now been added to the Reporting section and the High Bandwidth usage report is now available for Tier 3 users. 

Enterprise Reporting – High Bandwidth usage reports will only show sites the user has access to, ready for Tier 2 release.

User Management The Import users template for Tier 1 users now allows the user to combine the user creation with WiFi and Connect invites. 

Guest WiFi – There is a feature change to the Guest Marketing report. Marketing Opt in/out options are now always populated to make it less confusing for users. 

Support – When viewing a case in the Support section, the back function in your browser will now return to the cases list not back to the Support home section.

Bug Fixes 

Enterprise Reporting – Information displayed in the Calling Destination report was not consistent, this has been corrected, 

WiFi Stats – Resolved an issue where the Guest Marketing results export feature was not working.

11th July 2019

Service Guide update

The on screen Service Guide has been updated to display in the same format as the PDF version.  There has also been a change which now shows a tenants Public IP network information above the Private network information where applicable.

WiFi stats reporting

The WiFi stats reports now only display information applicable to the sites the user has access to.

Enterprise Reporting

This feature is now being tested and access to Services and WiFi information is now available for some clients.


We resolved an issue where some users were getting "no results" in the search feature.

2nd May 2019

Active Services Report

Users now can now view a report which displays all active services across all sites showing quantities, price and cost. Totals all active services for selected site.


Minor issues regarding voicemail activation qnd main number "if not answered" has been resolved.

Some clients were unable to active voice only ports.

Improvements were made to the telephone package activation process.

17th April 2019

Total Cases Logged

Connect now provides a report which displays the total cases logged by Clients during a selected time period across all sites. It displays Active clients as default with option to flip to Inactive Clients.


Active call forward was not displaying the telephone manager.

An issue regarding selecting DDI within main number setup was resolved. 

4th April 2019

Enterprise Reporting

Connect offers advanced Wi-Fi reporting capabilities including 6 new Wi-Fi reports that give you greater visibility of data across your entire workspace portfolio. These reports give you the ability to make important data-driven business decisions across multiple sites based on Wi-Fi services consumption. Learn more here.


We resolved an issue to service allocation within Connect.

When adding Lounge Wifi the process hit a Hibernate error. 

The client filter drop down was fixed as it was displaying incorrect data.

We resolved an issue where we were missing Monthly Site Reports within Connect. 

20th March 2019


We resolved an issue which impacted device types and total wireless transfer data. 

We fixed an issue when loading the Single Client Billing page, there was a console error, and the itemised list did not render, however the files were still available for download.

8th March 2019

Switch Manager

We have added ‘Last Active’ to switch manager. We show this on the switch manager front page itself - when a switchport is selected we display some information about the port in the footer, we include the last active time (if this exists). 

Also, in the Switch Port List → For Site page. This is a data table, we have added a new column between the Status and  Role columns. If we do not have the data from the API response we include ‘Unknown’ as the value in this column.

Special Characters

We now allow special Characters for the following fields: Company Name, Address, User First Name, User Last Name.

Telephone Configuration

Users can now Hide or Show the configuration of currently enabled User Features for their telephone so they can keep a tidy User Features page. When presenting User Features page and a feature is already enabled, the configuration will be hidden and the user needs to toggle OFF -> ON again to show the config.

Bug Fix

[IVR] Validation was working for telephone package only - it now extends for telephone only, phone only products. 

20th February 2019

Raising Cases

A case is now created in Connect to notify that a Client with a Bandwidth telephone number is porting their number away from your site. Also, Centre Managers now have the ability to log cases for Clients only, not for the Operator/Site.

Cookie Notification

We have added a cookie notification to Connect.

Service Guide

End-users who view the Service Guide, can now  see the contact hours for essensys in local UK time.

Bug Fixes

Connect users with an associated extension will have their extension removed if they have their user role changed.

When a user changes role, they would have to accept the updated privacy policy again.

Resolved the caching issue causing a green screen on the example template after applying a new logo and saving. 

31st January 2019

Custom email template editor 

Connect allows different custom email templates per site within an Operator if desired. We have removed the email address from being part of the Operator name.

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue with the Billing section of Connect hanging after downloading a file.

Fixed a broken Browse button in many areas of Connect when using Firefox/Edge.

Fixed an issue with the Scheduled Date field on Decommissioning a Client appearing as not selectable.

17th January 2019 

Branding your Connect Emails

Connect now gives you the ability to brand the automated emails that your end users receive from Connect. This includes adding logos, setting your desired colour theme and using your own sending address.

Bug Fixes

Resolved an issue that was causing the Client conversion from a Virtual Client to Residential Client, and vice versa, to fail requiring manual action from essensys.

Resolved an issue causing brand new Support cases not to display in Connect until essensys have acknowledged.

3rd January 2019

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

Added validation when removing a Public IP service on an active Client to check if they have any active switch ports with the role of Public IP.

Fixed an issue with accented characters in a Clients name causing problems with automated provisioning.

Fixed an issue with the Call Recording section of Telephone Manager not displaying all extensions currently recording.

20th December 2018

Bug Fixes & Minor Changes

On the Wi-Fi Stats, Bandwidth Graphs and Enhanced Call Reporting sections of Connect, the default time selection is now Today. This was previously set to Week.

Fixed the Click to Dial feature on the Connect mobile app.

22nd November 2018

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with the Export Service Guide not displaying the Internet Access field correctly if on a custom shared pipe.

Fixed an issue causing problems activating the Softphone App for a user if they were not logged into a handset.

25th October 2018

Selective Call Rejection

Extra functionality has been added to the Telephone Manager section under User Features where you can choose to block specific numbers from calling you. This is called Selective Call Rejection and is available on all telephone numbers at your site both for you and your end users.
Simply toggle this feature ON, add any telephone numbers you wish to prevent from calling you and Save. This number will no longer be able to call you and will instead be presented with a Busy tone.

Support Page For Your End Users

Just as you have a login to Connect, your end-users also have access to Connect where they can view and control some of their own I.T. services. The Support section for your end users has been developed to provide support links and articles relevant to them. This links to an alternate version of this Knowledge Base, help.essensys.tech, which has articles specific to the end user experience with I.T. services and Connect.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that was preventing you from decommissioning a Client that was scheduled for activation and not yet active.

Fixed an issue on the Switches page that was causing the switch ports used for your Wireless Access Points and Uplink ports to simply display as grey and inactive although they were active.

30th August 2018

Further Details on Completed Tasks 

Connect records and displays all tasks that are completed using the portal at your site by all users. This is available on the homepage under the Tasks tab and selecting Show Completed Tasks.
We have added additional information to any tasks on switches to now include the exact switch ports that were included in the task.

We have also added a View Task button which will show further details on certain tasks and display in its own window.

Bug Fixes

Some users were missing the Metric button from the Enhanced Call Reports section where you can display your total calls by Count or Duration.

Improved the Bandwidth section when looking at graphs for one of your locations in a different time zone.

Fixed an issue where the assigned offices were not displaying in the Edit Client screen.

2nd August 2018

Main Number - In Office Hunt Group Configuration

For each of your Clients, Connect will automatically reserve a Main Number which you can choose to activate if desired from the Telephone Manager section. This number has built in Hunt Group functionalities which can been controlled from the Main Number Setup page.

One of these Hunt Groups is named In Office. When this hunt group is selected from the Main Number Setup page and the Main Number is called, all active extensions within the Client will ring simultaneously. We have now added further customisation of the In Office hunt group which allows you to choose which extensions do and do not ring when the Main Number is called.

Assigning Users to Extensions

Each active extension on Connect can be assigned to a specific Connect user. When assigned to the user, they can login to their own Connect portal and directly control the features of this extension like call forwarding, and importantly they can use the Softphone. The Softphone allows the user to make and receive calls from their usual landline number directly from their computer or laptop anywhere in the world.

We have added the ability to assign an extension to a specific Connect user at the same time of enabling the extension inside Telephone Manager. This will also populate the First and Last name fields of the extension. You can still control the users and their assigned extensions from the Users menu as normal.

Data Port List Additions

The Data Port List allows you to view all data ports on site, their corresponding switch ports and how they configured all from the same place under the Building section. We have made improvements here show which specific Client is assigned to each floor port to give you better visibility on how your offices and floor ports are functioning.

19th July 2018

DHCP Disabling

Connect now allows you to disable & enable DHCP for your Clients.

When you add an Internet service a Client, essensys Connect automatically builds what is essentially a managed network. This manages the internal IP addressing, security and routing. Some Clients would like to manage their own internal IP addressing through their own equipment and will need the essensys Connect provided DHCP disabled.

To disable, or re-enable if previously disabled, visit the Network Info page for the Client. This can be found from highlighting the Client from the Clients page, click the More drop down menu and select Network Info.

5th July 2018

Faster Wi-Fi Activation for your Users

We have added a new, selectable option within the Users menu to activate the users Wi-Fi access at the same time of initially adding the user. If enabled, this will automatically enable their Wi-Fi access and email them their unique username and password to connect to the Wi-Fi Secure.

Call Waiting

Call Waiting is the telephone feature which allows you to receive a call while currently on the phone. If turned enabled and another call comes in while you are currently on the line, you will be prompted the other call is coming in. If turned off, any inbound calls while you are on the line will divert straight to your Voicemail if enabled, or present a busy tone if not.
This is now able to be turned on or off for each line directly from the User Features in the Telephone Manager

Main Number Forwarding During Business Hours 

If a Client has enabled a Main Number they are able to schedule how this number acts inside and outside of business hours. We have added extra functionality to allow Call Forwarding to any desired number during the scheduled business hours

Bug Fixes

Fixed a web cache issue that was requiring users to log out and in before being able to make any changes.

Fixed an issue where some floor ports patched to Wi-Fi switch ports were displaying as Role: empty.

21st June 2018

Further Call Forwarding Options

Inside the User Features of your telephone numbers, you can now pick and choose exactly when inbound calls forward onto another number.

You can now choose any, or all, of the following options:

Always - All inbound calls will forward to your selected number immediately.

Busy - Any inbound calls received while the phone is currently in use will forward to your selected number.

No Answer - Inbound calls will first ring your telephone number. If unanswered after 3 rings, the call will be forwarded to your selected number.

Exported Pricebook Improvements

Within your pricebook on Connect (Clients -> Service drop down menu -> View Pricebook), you are able to view and export all available marketplace services that you can provide to your Clients. We have made minor improvements within this document to improve the formatting and style.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that would allow Connect users to amend a locked switch port through the New Client Wizard or Building Manager. Locked switch ports can only be locked and now amended by contacting essensys Support.

The Client Breakdown of your Bandwidth graphs, where you can see the bandwidth usage of your Clients in your Shared bandwidth pipes, was not displaying data temporarily.

Some offices assigned to your Clients were displaying as No Office. This has been resolved to show the correct office assigned.

The greeting field for your customers Main Numbers were occasionally failing to push through to your EVO Call Answering software. This has been resolved so your Clients can enter the desired greeting of the phone through Connect Main Number Setup and this will display on EVO.

14th June 2018

New Softphone App

We're excited to announce the launch of the Softphone App for iOS and Android devices.

The Softphone App allows you to make and receive calls from anywhere over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi at local rates all while using your existing landline number.

 For more information, please visit the Softphone Knowledge Base article.

8th June 2018

Bandwidth Graphs - Custom Date Search

We have extended the searchable time for your Bandwidth usage graphs. On the 'Bandwidth' page on Connect, you can now use Custom date button to view 30 days worth of usage up to six months ago.

Switch Port Details - Last Active Time

The Switch Port Details feature within the 'Switches' page on Connect now displays the time the specific switch port was last active, alongside other useful information about the switch port. Last Active Time is the time the switch port last saw a device plugged in and turned on. This helps determine if a switch port is actually being used or not.

24 May 2018

Enhanced Call Reports Expansion

We have improved and expanded the Enhanced Call Reports to give you more granular and useful data.

  • The Enhanced Call Reports now display a breakdown of internal and external calls so you can identify which calls are made internally and externally.

  • The page now allows you to filter the calls displayed by call type, inbound/outbound/both giving you a more detailed and granular insight into the calls made.

  • The Enhanced Call Reports page now remembers your selected filters and extensions so you if leave this section and return, you won’t have to set them again. This will reset if you leave Connect entirely. 

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