Connect Basics Video Guides

A list of short video tutorials of the most commonly used features of Connect

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You can use the Connect Basics video series to gain a better understanding of what you can do within Connect and guide you through common tasks. Each video covers a specific area and is between 3 and 5 minutes long. We recommend all users new to Connect watch these videos before getting started.

These cover:

  • The Home Screen

  • New Client Wizard

  • Managing Services

  • Telephone Manager 

  • Building Manager

  • Wi-Fi Manager

  • Support

Connect Basics: Home Screen

This video shows you a quick overview of the Connect platform and home screen - 4:33 mins

Connect Basics: New Client Wizard

A video that will guide you through creating a new client -  4:29 mins

Connect Basics: Managing Services 

How to assign IT services to your clients - 3:55 mins 

Connect Basics: Telephone Manager

A high level view of the Telephone manager screen - 4:17 mins 

Connect Basics: Building Manager

Managing rooms and floor ports at your site - 3:37 mins 

Connect Basics: Wi-Fi Manager

 How to control and set up WI-FI access for your users - 3:09 mins 

Connect Basics: Support 

 A guide to walk you through the different options for help and support - 3:25 mins 

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