What is DHCP and what is it used for?

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What is DHCP?

DHCP is the protocol used to provide and distribute the IP addresses to their devices within a network.
essensys by default will central manage this for all clients. If clients would like to manage the DHCP themselves, this can now be done through Connect.

** Please note this should only be done if the client has a Public IP service and the clients IT team has requested this. **

Where to find the feature in Connect  

From the clients section, highlight the client, and click on More

You will see the following page:

Currently DHCP shows Enabled, meaning essensys is the one responsible for disturbing the IP address.

Once you click on Disable DHCP, you will see the following confirmation page:

If you ever need to re-enable the DHCP, you can do so from here and click Enable DHCP.

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