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Troubleshooting Web to Lead Forms in Operate

A guide to replacing the form HTML code

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When pressing "Generate HTML" form on existing web to lead forms, trying to troubleshoot an issue, you may find that leads are no longer coming through. This is because the code links to your Operate database and generating an updated code in Operate means it will no longer be the same as the one on your website.

If this happens, please view the source code on your website (Ctrl+U) and search (Ctrl+F) for the following code: 

<input id="wtlhash" name="wtlhash" type="hidden" value=

The code in the value needs to match the code on a web to lead form within Operate in order for your leads to come through.

You can solve this by updating the value on your website web to lead form to what it is in Operate. Simply copy the code within Operate and paste it onto your website - you may need to ask a developer to do this for you.

If you need further assistance, please get in touch with essensys Support.

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