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Operate - Activating a New Client Licence
Operate - Activating a New Client Licence

Activating a New Client Licence

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When you are sure that your setup is complete - that you have added all of the needed information and associated Licence Services, you are ready to activate. To do so, use the Activate button, found on the right side of your screen, next to your licence details.

On the activation screen, you will be required to go through the following:

  • Add Financial Data - Here is where you can add account and tax related information, set up the customer’s credit limit and add bank related details.

  • Add Payment Methods:

  • Set up a Standard Payment Method, to be used with all charges except for rent. 

  • Select a Payment Term - either immediately or within 30 days from the date when the invoice has been issued.

  • Select Invoice Methods - You can choose to either print or email invoices. When emailing, you can choose who should be notified, using a main To field; as well as a CC and BCC field.

  • Add Initial Invoice Options - /You can choose to:

  • Choose if you want to Produce a Separate Rent and Service Invoice

  • Choose if you want to Produce a Separate Deposit Invoice

  • Choose if you want to Produce a Separate Pro Rata Invoice

  • NOTE: If you do not select anything in this section, the invoicing will be done for all of these charges together, on one invoice.

  • Activate the Licence by selecting a movement type - In the case of a new customer, you would select Move in - New Client

When you are ready, click Activate Licence at the top right.

Depending on whether you have selected to preview your initial invoice or not, Operate will either show you your Invoice or take you back to the list of Licences. 

If you select to preview your initial invoice, you will be able to see it, set Billing and Due Dates, Approve it and send it to your customer  

If you select not to preview, your invoice will be available under Invoicing > Draft Invoices.

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