The Portal Licences app is used to display a customer's current licence agreements online, on your Member Portal. This allows your customer to drill down on the licence agreement and view the details of what is included within it.

Configuring the Portal Licences App

To enable the Portal Licences app, please folllow the steps below: 

  • Log into Operate at

  • Go to Settings > General > Portal

  • Select Portal Licences.

  • Configure Portal Licences - On the configuration page that comes up,. you can choose whether you would like your customers to be able to see the deposit retained with the licence agreement and whether they can see terminated licence agreements.

  • Enable Portal Licences - In order to allow your customer to view their licences online just tick the box below, save your settings and portal licences will be enabled.If you want to disable portal licences in the future you can untick this box at any time.

  • Save your settings when ready. 

How Does it Work for Customers?

To view their Licences, your customers will need to follow the steps below: 

  • Go to your portal's web address (e.g.:

  • Log in with their username and password.

  • Go to My Account in the navigation menu. 

  • Select My Contract.

The My Contract page will display a list of Licences associated to their account - either active and terminated; or just active, depending on the configuration you've made (according to the steps above). The information displayed on this page includes: 

  • Contract No - The Number that corresponds to the Licence record within Operate.

  • Account - The customer Account for which the Licence has been created.

  • Contract Type - The type of agreement - this is generally a Licence agreement.

  • Start Date - The date since when the agreement is enforced.

  • Term - The period within which the Licence is active.

  • Deposit - The deposit that has been retained for the Licence. This will only be available if you, as an Operator, enable it in the Operate Settings, as shown above. 

Viewing Licence Details

To view further details of a specific Licence, customer can simply click the Contract No. link in the list. 

This will take them to a Contract Details page, which will list all charges incurred on a Licence. Each charge will come with the following details: 

  • Type - The type of charge - this will either be Rent or Services.

  • Description - The product that has been charged for.

  • Quantity - The agreed quantity for that particular product.

  • Price - The price per product unit. 

  • Total - The total price per total amount of units purchased (Price * Quantity). 

For further information about working with Licences in Operate, please see the Licences section of this Knowledge Base. 

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