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Auto-Assigning LeadDADI leads based on the Operate location
Auto-Assigning LeadDADI leads based on the Operate location

If you have multiple locations and no centralised sales team you can auto assign your broker enquiries based on the location

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LeadDADI saves your sales team valuable time by taking the prospect inquiry emailed to you by any participating web broker and automatically converting it into a lead in Operate.

A simple process of mapping the information provided by the broker directly into the lead fields creates an instant lead and sends an instant notification to your team telling them a new lead has been created. It also provides an accurate date/timestamp as to when the lead was received.

Unfortunately if, for instance, your site is in London, rather than give the name of the location in the LeadDADI file, the brokers will often say "EC1" or "London" or "City" and so it becomes really difficult to create auto-assignment rules to assign these leads to the right sales person based on so many variables.

To get around this, essensys have enabled Operate to capture the email address that the enquiry is sent to from the broker.

Step 1 - Setting up site specific email distribution groups

First you will need to ask your IT administrators to set up a distribution group email for each of your locations. When you request this, please also instruct them to configure a "Copy Forward" rule to your LeadDADI email address. This article explains how to find your own unique LeadDADI email address.

Step 2 - Configuring the auto-assignment rules

Once you have configured your distribution group, the next step is to configure your auto assignment rule.

Operate only allows one Auto Assignment to be active at a time, therefore if you create and activate a second one, the existing Auto Assignment record will be deactivated. Each auto-assignment can have multiple auto-assignment rules and the system will go through each rule until it is able to match the rule criteria and will then assign the lead to that user.

First, enter a name for your assignment so that you can easily identify it in the future. Next, tick the box below if you would like to activate the assignment right away. Save your settings when you are ready. 

You will now be taken back to the list of auto-assignments.

Click the name of the one you have just created in order to continue. Do not click the pencil to edit it; simply click the name link.

Once you have reached the assignment details screen, you will see the basic information that you have just added, along with system information; as well as a Rules section, where you can choose how your new assignment behaves.

To add a new rule, click New, at the top of the Rules section.

Give your rule a name

Select the criteria for this rule entry

Here is where you can add different filters that will restrict your auto assignment to a set of criteria.

  • Select a Original Email To from the field name dropdown.

  • select equals from the Condition dropdown.

  • in the Value field - enter the email address of your distribution group

  • You can then add any additional filtering criteria.

Once you have configured your filters then select the User, and specify the sender name / email and select a template

Now select the user to whom you would like to assign these leads.

Below, select the email template that will be used for this purpose. This template needs to have been previously defined under Settings > Templates > Email Templates. Read more about editing email templates.

The user will receive this as notification every time a new lead is assigned to them. It will be sent to the email address in their User record.

You can also check the Send SMS box and this will send an SMS message to the User to alert them every time a new lead is assigned to them. It will go to the Mobile Number in their User record.

Click Save (top left of the screen) and then click on New to add as many rules as you need to.

Note: The Auto Assignment templates are default templates. To edit the Email and SMS templates in order to customise them for your organisation go to Your Name > Settings > General > Templates > Email Templates & SMS Templates.

Step 3 - Instructing brokers to send enquiries to your site specific email distribution groups

When you have configured your auto-assignment rule, you should then notify the brokers of the new email addresses to send the enquiries to. T

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