Operate System Wide Settings

This guide explains some of the options that you can generally apply throughout Operate

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In this guide we will go through the General Settings section of Operate. This is accessible by going to: Settings > General > System > General Settings.

This area contains some system wide features which you can apply generally or for a specific Location. 

  • Enable items to be bundled - This will allow you to bundle products together when issuing an invoice or when creating a Licence. 

  • Enable List Price Discounts - This enables the Discount fields across areas where you can record product or service sales (Invoicing, Charges, Point of Sale, Calendar, Licences).

  • Report up to breakdates only - Enabling this option will force the Occupancy Forecast reports to forecast only up to the next break date, for Licences where this is set.

  • Credit limit is auto set to deposit - Each client's Credit Limit will automatically be set to the Deposit amount they have provided. 

  • Use square metres instead of square feet - This sets the entire system to use square meters instead of square feet.

  • Lock List Price on licences - Ticking this option will disable the List Price field on Licence items; therefore not allowing your staff to edit it. The "List Price" field will be greyed out on the licence item and the cannot be overwritten. However both the "Discount" and "Monthly Price" fields will still be editable. 

To configure any of these options per Location, please select the desired Location in the dropdown list at the top of the section.  

To remove Location specific settings, select the desired location in the dropdown at the top of the section, then press the Delete button. 

Click Save after every change, to make sure it is enabled.

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