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Site & Client Billing within Connect

How to access, download and break down client invoices within Connect

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The billing section found in the navigation menu is for your use as an Operator. Here you can download monthly reports for the whole site that is broken down into individual client usage. Operator reports include data for ALL of your sites, site reports include data for your current site only.

Monthly Operator Reports

  • Invoice Report - All Charges to Operator, including Fixed Advance and Variable Arrears Charges

  • Tenant Services Charges - Total Charges to Tenants

  • Call Charges by Tenant - Call Charges Summed By Tenant for Whole Operator

  • Call Charges by Extension - Call Charges Summed By Extension for Whole Operator

Monthly Site Reports

  • Services Report - YYYYMM_reports.csv - All services by tenant and cost

  • Tenant Charges Summary Report - YYYYMM_summarytenantcharges.csv - Service charges summed by tenant at site level

  • Tenant & Product Breakdown Report - YYYYMM_reportstenantbreakdown.csv - A breakdown of tenants and the products they have purchased

  • Call Charges By Tenant - YYYYMM_calls_tenants.csv - Call charges summed by tenant at site level 

  • Tenant Charges - YYYYMM_tenantcharges.csv - Tenant charges by product and quantity 

  • Fixed Charge Invoice - YYYYMM_invoice.pdf - Fixed charges invoice

  • Variables Invoice - YYYYMM_invoice.pdf - Variables charges invoice

Generating a report or invoice

You can select 'Download Service Report' to view the report of all current services. The Service Report provides a list of all services provided to a site, along with the client name and the associated costs. 

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