SagePay is a payment processor which you can use for card payment collection on your Operate Portal. This guide shows you how to configure it.

  • If you have not installed SagePay, start by going to Operate's Settings > Integrations section.

  • Search for SagePay.

  • Click Install to install the SagePay app. 

  • Once the app is Installed, click Open

  • After installation, you can also access the SagePay configuration area by going to Settings > General > Payment Processors > SagePay

  • Either by opening the app right after installation or by accessing the Payment Processors settings area, you will be given the possibility to start configuring SagePay. Click Start to proceed.

  • Configure the organization which you want to set up SagePay for. Click the Configure link to do so. 

  • Configure SagePay by entering the following information: 

  • your Currency code (e.g.: GBP, USD, AUD, etc You can find a list of currency codes here..) .

  • your SagePay Vendor Name. This is also used to log into SagePay.

  • tick 'Enable Recurring Payments' if you would like your customers to have the option to activate automatic recurring payments for their invoices.

  • tick 'Use Sandbox' if you would like to implement the payment gateway as a test first. We recommend doing so, as it allows you to check whether payments are being processed correctly, before you go live. 

  • tick 'Disable Amex' if you do not want to support American Express card payments. 

Save your changes when ready. 

If you have enabled the sandbox, this is the time to perform some test transactions on your Portal, to make sure they go through correctly. Once you are sure that the implementation is running smoothly, you can come back to the SagePay configuration by following the steps above; and disable the Sandbox. Your SagePay gateway should then be ready to accept live payments. 

You can collect your payments using the Operate collections process. See Managing Recurring Collections in Operate for further details. 

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