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Developer Program - Custom Integrations

Operates Developer Program

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Our Developer Program is an app creation utility that will enable you to develop, submit, validate and publish integrations with Operate. The program can be used by:

Operators – will be able to use developed API to create their own private apps.  

3rd Party Companies – This is for 3rd party integrations

Developers can access the Custom Integrations page via Settings > Developer > Custom Integrations.

Here they will be able to view their existing integrations which they have set up. They also have the ability to create a new one. They are given the choice of creating a Public or Private integration.

Public – This is a public app that once approved by essensys it can be pushed to all Operators

Private – This is an app that can only be used by them.

Once an integration type has been chosen the developer will be prompted to define the integration details.

  • Integration Name 

  • Short description 

  • Category – The part of the platform which the integration relates to 

  • Author – This will always be the Operator name

The developer can generate and use a unique Client ID and Secret Key for their integration.

If the app is Private it will not need approval as it will only be available to the Operator which created it. If it is a Public app, essensys will be notified upon creation and the app will undergo a review process, the Status will be displayed on the integration page.

EXAMPLE of a Private App: An operator wants to write an integration for themselves only, to do this they will need to create a private app, where they can generate their own Client ID and Secret Key. With this they can create their own meeting room booker for example and use our API to fulfil their needs.

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