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Using Account Alias Merge Fields for Exports
Using Account Alias Merge Fields for Exports

This guide explains how to ensure that your Account Alias merge fields will contain information even if blank

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When creating a new Account within Operate, you have the option to set both an Account Name and an Account Alias. While the Account Name is mandatory, the Account Alias might not be so in your organization, in which case there might be situations when it is left blank.

This could be an issue when some of your customers want different names on the Portal and on their Licence Agreements. In such a scenario, you would only need to populate the Account Alias for some accounts, but not for others; so any common Licence templates you use for both customer categories might contain blank Account Alias fields. 

To mitigate this, Operate comes with an option that retrieves the Account Name if the Account Alias is blank. 

Please follow the steps below to enable it.

Enabling the Account Alias Option 

  • Go to Settings > General > System > Operate Settings > Billing Settings

  • Scroll down to the Accounts section. 

  • Tick the Enable Account Alias checkbox. 

  • Save your change.

Once this is activated, any Account Alias merge field you use in a Licence agreement will retrieve the information that is populated within the 'Account Name' field if the 'Account Alias' field is blank. 

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