Brivo and Salto Keyless Access - 29 January

Operate integrates with Brivo and Salto, which are both apps that you can use to grant your customers keyless access to your premises. These integrations are only available to Enterprise customers. Please contact our support team if you would like to find out more!

Advanced Licence Approvals - 29 January

We have added approver levels as well as a percentage limit which you can customize per user. This allows you to set up different staff hierarchies when it comes to approving Licences. 

News Feed - 15 January

We have added an option to switch from Announcements on your Portal or in the Operate Mobile App to a News Feed to which you can post short articles. These will be displayed as a list, along with their corresponding date and tags. Read Working with the News Feed in essensys Operate to learn more!

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