GDPR Related Portal Checkbox Text Change - 24 June

  • To better comply with GDPR requirements, we have changed the wording used during online plan purchases. One of our agreement checkboxes used to be worded as "I agree to being contacted". We have reformulated this to: "I would like to receive information about offers and services".

Feedback with Image Attachments in the Mobile App - 05 June

  • We have introduced the ability to attach an image to feedback sent via the mobile app.

Updated Booking Account Location Field Label - 05 June

  • We have changed the label of the "Location" filter on the booking screen - it is now called 'Account Location'. Further information can be found in our article on making a booking.

Mask and Unmask the Password Field - 05 June

  • Users now have the ability to mask and unmask the password (make visible/hide) while using the 'forgotten password' link. This allows them to see what they type in the password field, instead of asterisk signs. This has no effect on security if the password reset is done privately (with no other person being able to see the user's computer screen)

Ability to Charge for Credit Overage - 14 May

We have added the ability to charge credit overages for portal/mobile bookings made by customers set to pay with credits. When there are not enough credits and the customer is not set to be billed on account, then Operate will create an invoice for the credits needed to complete a booking. For example, if a customer books a space that costs 8 credits and they only have 4, then they will be charged the existing 4 credits and a cash invoice will be generated to charge for the extra 4 credits.

Great Plains Financial Export - 06 May

Great Plains has been added to the list of supported financial exports.

Removal of Portal Forwarding Features - 06 May

For GDPR compliance, forwarding features have been removed from Portal Status Updates and ShoutOuts.

Licence Charge Identification on Invoices - 06 May

A 'licenceagreementid' merge field has been added to the Lines module so that charges coming from a licence can be identified.

Location Selection on the Calendar - 16 April

A new 'Location' dropdown has been added to the Booking page within the Operate Calendar. This filters customer Accounts according to the selected Location, thus reducing loading times and possible human errors. This will be updated to 'Account Location' within the next release, to avoid confusion with the meeting space Location, found on the main Calendar screen.

Ability to Check for New Leads - 16 April

A new button has been added to the Leads section, allowing users to check for new incoming leads. Read more here.

Original End Date of Licences - 16 April

There is now the option to display the Original End Date of a Licence, prior to any change such as a renew, transfer or extension. This is part of our support measures for COVID-19.

Google Captcha for Web to Lead Forms - 16 April

Google Captcha has been implemented for Web2Lead, to help prevent spam submissions.

PlacePay Improvements - 16 Aoril

We have made improvements to the PlacePay integration, to enhance the performance of autopay features.

Minimum List Price Field on Licences - 05 February

There is now a field called 'Minimum List Price' on Licence Offices, which associates to a merge field that multiplies the minimum list price to the quantity. =

Advanced Licence Approvals - 29 January

We have added approver levels as well as a percentage limit which you can customize per user. This allows you to set up different staff hierarchies when it comes to approving Licences. 

News Feed - 15 January

We have added an option to switch from Announcements on your Portal or in the Operate Mobile App to a News Feed to which you can post short articles. These will be displayed as a list, along with their corresponding date and tags. Read Working with the News Feed in essensys Operate to learn more!

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