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Setting up your Google Play Account for the Mobile App
Setting up your Google Play Account for the Mobile App
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In order for us to automatically build and publish your customised Mobile App, you will need to set up a Google Play account and API key. The detailed steps below talk you through the process you need to follow to set up your Google Play account successfully.

  1. First go to: and sign up for a Developer account.

  2. Read and agree to the Google Play Developer distribution agreement.

  3. Pay the registration fee for your account.

  4. Fill out your Google Play Developer Profile.

  5. Under Settings : Developer Account go to Users and permissions click INVITE USER

  6. Under Email please type for Role select Administrator for Permission please tick all boxes. After please click SEND INVITATION

  7. Under Settings : Developer Account go to API Access (

  8. Accept the API Terms of Service.

  9. Click Create Project

  10. Check that Google Play Android Developer says UNLINK (i.e it’s already linked).

  11. Under Service Accounts, click the Create Service Account button to begin the process.

  12. In the instructions, click the link to the Google API Console.

  13. Click the CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT button, on the newly opened page.

  14. Choose a name for the new Service Account, and click Create.

  15. Click the Select a role (not optional despite what it says!) in the drop-down menu. Select Project, then Owner. Navigate to the next step by clicking Continue.

  16. On the new page click + Create Key (optional) and a modal appears.

  17. Select JSON and click CREATE and a file with the .json extension will download to your system that you will need to send to your essensys Customer Success contact.

  18. Once you've created the service account on the Google Developers Console, click Done. The API Access page automatically refreshes, and your service account will be listed.

  19. Close the window and the new service account shows on the original page. Click the Grant Access button to complete the process.

For further details with screenshots please see a Google Play help article here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above process, please speak to your Customer Success Manager.

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