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How to Check for New Leads in Operate
How to Check for New Leads in Operate

Use the Check for Leads feature to ensure your leads list is up to date

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Operate updates your leads automatically; however, there are times when you might want to run a manual update as well. (LeadDADI leads are being updated every 5 minutes, while the leads coming from your website and those you add manually are updated almost immediately.) 

Especially when it comes to leadDADI leads, if you do not want to wait for the automatic updates, you can use the 'Check for Leads' feature to update manually.

The option is available at the top of your leads list, under Sales > Leads. Once pressed, it will update your records immediately, including with any incoming leadDADI leads which may have come in less than five minutes previously. 

After the update, Operate will show you a notification message that tells you what types of leads have been found and how many of each type. The message will also notify you of whether there were any unreadable leads added, which you can find under Sales > Unreadable Leads.

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