To access your voicemail you can press the Voicemail Icon on your handset or Softphone, Dial 1571 or ring the Remote Access Number for Voicemail to understand how to access these further please see this guide here.

Once you have gained access to your voicemail you will be taken to the Main Menu and the different options you can select to change your greeting press Option 1 we now have two recording options to chose from.

Option 2 - Changing your Busy Greeting (This would be if you are engaged on another call or have Do Not Disturb activated)

Option 3 - Changing your No Answer Greeting (This would be when you either are away from your desk or do not answer your call)

Within the same area you can also select,

Option 1 - Listen to your messages

Option 5 - Compose and send a new message
Option 7 - Delete all messages
Option 8 - Record your Voicemail's name
Option * - Go to the voicemail system
Option # - Repeat this menu

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