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Mobile app release notes version 1.5.1 - 13th August 2020

Please see below release notes for mobile release version 1.5.1

Go Cardless Integration

Operators with the Go Cardless Payment Processor are now supported in the mobile app. The integration supports both One Off and Recurring payment options.


Localisation for French Canadian has been implemented along with some Improvements to French language translations.

UI Improvement

The MORE button now displays in a more user friendly way and allows for additional content to be added easily

Google Play Store Fix

An issue where members with Android phones without NFC functionality were unable to download the app from the store, this is now resolve

Mobile app release notes version 1.5.0 - 10th July 2020

Smart Access
The UI for QR reading is now visible if the Operator has Smart Access and NFC functionality is active.

News Feed Changes
The filter selection has been updated so that only 1 filter at a time can be selected to improve user experience. Also we now have the ability to remove the "All" filter and have a selected Tag as the primary filter.

Feedback Screen Improvements
Users will now see the Operators selected splash image in the background rather than the white screen to strengthen and improve customer brand throughout the app.

Feedback Categories
There is now a drop down of categories for a user to select which can be configured in Operate, the selected category will be included in the email received by the centre team.

Feedback tab
We now have the option to rename the feedback tab if the Operator wants to change it to something more relevant to their business terminology.

Login Screen
When a user is at the login screen, when they see the keyboard to enter their login credentials it defaults to the email formatted keyboard view for a better user experience.

Reset Password Experience
We have updated the settings of the reset password screen to ensure that the "<" back button is always visible. Previously runtime settings could make this difficult or not possible to see.

Polish translations
Some improvements to the language used in the Polish translations.

Credit/Ezeep balances
The UI has been improved so that Credits and Ezeep balances are only shown if they are required, previously they were linked so if credits were used Ezeep was also displayed.

Placepay Fix
The Placepay integration now correctly uses the live intergration for Placepay.

Also there were a few small bug fixes.

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