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Updated Connect Billing (Site and Client)
Updated Connect Billing (Site and Client)

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What's New In Connect Billing

There is a new layout and format for Connect billing page which now lets you select multiple files to download at the same time. Each report or file has been given a description under the detail column to let you better understand what each file is used for.

Monthly Operator Reports

Monthly Site Reports

Mapping old files to new files

You can use below as a reference if you need to see how the old and new billing names match.

Monthly Operator Reports

Monthly Site Reports

Previous Months Reports

If you require previous months reports they will show within Billing as the File name which is shown above.

Updated Call Charge Reports

We have updated the Call Charges by Extension Reports that you can see at Operator level and Site level, we will show you the below the new fields being added and the older fields being removed, note that this will only affect reports from January 2021,

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