Connect Client User Tiers

Client User roles within Connect

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Users will have access to different parts of Connect depending on their role. Users within a site can have a role of either User, or Admin. For more information on roles and how to assign them, please click here.



  • See all users within their Client

  • Add new users

  • Edit other Users (but not Admins)

  • See and configure telephone and Wi-Fi services


  • See details related to themselves, such as their own phone numbers and Wi-Fi (if applicable).

Further Detail

The table below gives a list of further actions and areas of Connect that different roles have access to.

* For users to view and edit user features in telephone manager, Admins must associate an extension to the user (click here to see how to do this)

** In order for users to view Bandwidth usage, the account must be a residential customer with an Internet service - if you need to add an Internet Service please speak to your centre manager

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