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Operate - LeadDADI Setup Process for Agents
Operate - LeadDADI Setup Process for Agents

A guide for Agents or Brokers who want to integrate with Operate LeadDADI

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Why do I need a LeadDADI ID on our emails?

LeadDADI is an innovative service for Business Centres that allows operators to accept a lead directly into their CRM database from their website, Brokers and Agents. This saves times for the operators and allows them to respond to your lead faster.

Which Agents are leading the way?

Most Agents or Brokers have been contacted and many have undergone the process. The likes of SOS and Office Broker lead the way and are benefiting from being first.

What do I need to do?

The process is quick and easy and costs nothing.

There are five steps to follow:

  1. Speak with essensys support through to check if you are able to act as a broker. You should provide the email address from which you send your Leads to operators, your email address, company address and a contact phone number. 

  2. Our Support team will provide you with an attachment file. You will need to add this attachment to your outgoing email template (the .xml file must be saved in UTF-8 format).

  3. Once done send a test email to 

  4. Wait for essensys Support to confirm that your format is working. We will test the email to ensure accuracy and approve it.

  5. Once approved by essensys Support, simply use your approved lead emails as normal.

Your LeadDADI attachment

Your LeadDADI attachment will contain content similar to the below.

Here is the xml example:

​  <LEAD>
​  <YOURREF>123456</YOURREF>
​  <NAME>Mr John Smith</NAME>
​  <COMPANY>essensys Limited</COMPANY>
​  <ADDRESS1>Aldgate Tower</ADDRESS1>
​  <ADDRESS2>2 Leman Street</ADDRESS2>
​  <TOWN>London</TOWN>
​  <COUNTRY>United Kingdom</COUNTRY>
​  <TELEPHONE>+44 (0) 845 303 1000</TELEPHONE>
​  <FAX></FAX>
​  <INDUSTRY>Business Centre Software</INDUSTRY>
​  <SIZE>500 to 800 SqFt</SIZE>
​  <LOCATION>Somewhere in London</LOCATION>
​  <TIMING>2 - 3 months</TIMING>
​  <SPACETYPE>Service Offices</SPACETYPE>
​  <DURATION>60 months</DURATION>
​  <BUDGET>£2500.00</BUDGET>
​  <OTHER>Must be near a tube station</OTHER>
​  </LEAD>
​ </leadDADI>

If  you don't already know your unique LeadDADI ID, please contact our support team so we can create it for you.

Please also note that the <NOOFWORKSTATIONS> field can contain only numerical values. Do not enter alpha or special characters in this field.

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