Feedback App lets your clients send a message for you to see directly in Operate.

Go to Settings > Integrations and install the Feedback App.

Once the App is installed, click on Launch App and tick the Enable on Portal Check box to make the feature live.

The App also features 'Priority Feedback' for urgent or confidential messages.

When you launch the App, you can specify an email address that these messages will be sent to and they will not appear in the Feedback Module list.

A Feedback tab floats on the pages of the client Portal, when clicked on a message box appears and your client can send you a message.

If they tick Priority Feedback, it will send to the specified address.

To view Feedback sent by your clients, look under the Client Services module in the left hand menu. They will appear in a list.

There is a separate list for Priority Feedback so that you can restrict this to certain users.

To update these settings, go to Settings > Administration > Manage Your Portal and click on the Feedback App.

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